Week-end Collective


Firstly the continued momentum of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth with “See You Again”.

Will it ever end?

Khalifa & Puth Perform Live on the Ellen Show

The song being dedicated to the late Paul Walker has had huge success with 125 million views since its release on YouTube on the 6th April 2015.

However its success still continues with it breaking the UK’s all time streaming record at 3.72 million listens in the last seven days and being the fast selling single so far in 2015.

The explanation for this being not only the relationship with the film “Furious 7” in which it features but its vibe. The song alternates between the lyrical rap of Khalifa and edgy tone of Charlie Puth which together creates something totally capturing.

Khalifa had been on the rap scene with many singles since 2007 but the same cannot be said for Puth. Puth was originally signed to Ellen Degeneres record label eleveneleven after being a YouTube sensation but later signed with Atlantic Records. He was approached by his publishing company to produce a song for the film, writing the melody and chorus, later tied in with Khalifa’s rap the rest was history.

The song continues to remain at the top of the charts and for how long it could be anyone’s guess.

Have a listen for yourself and leave your comments below

Live on the Ellen Show



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