Jade leMac delivers her debut EP – ‘Constellations’

Hailing from Vancouver, rising talent Jade LeMac has been capturing the attention of audiences the world over with her captivating vocals and skilled artistry. Going from strength to strength over the last year and a half since the release of her debut single Constellations, she has continued to build her platform on socials as a content creator – noted for her lip-sync, dance, and singing videos, in addition to adding to her discography with a series of incredible singles. Today, Jade is back with the release of her very first EP, named after her debut single, Constellations. A stunning collection of Alt-Pop tracks, this heralds the start of an exciting new chapter for the talented songstress. 

A stunning 7-track compilation of songs, the EP delivers an overarchingly ambient pop, singer-songwriter vibe that brings you into its delicate and emotive sonic world. Kicking the EP off, the record begins with new track, Car Accident. A powerful and heart-wrenching track, Car Accident opens the EP with a delicate synth-led soundscape before Jade’s powerful and captivating vocals emerge onto the sonic landscape. And instantly showcasing her songwriting prowess; talking candidly about love, heart-break and forgiveness, Car Accident will no doubt have you all in your feelings.  

Speaking on the lead EP single, Car Accident, Jade notes:

“This is the first time I have ever written from the perspective of two people and I love how subtle but how impactful the changes are. I was actually writing the lyrics on the bus and as I was coming up with this story in my head I was seeing myself inside of these characters and feeling all of these feelings of two people who have both lost something, and I ended up just crying the whole way. It’s probably one of my favourite songs on the EP.”

Following on from Car Accident, we have the title track, and Jade’s debut single, Constellations; continuing the beautifully gentle, honest, and poignant vocals and songwriting. Delivering a stark contrast on track number 3, Meet You In Hell, this sees Jade deliver a more punchy and hard-hitting energy. Seductive, and showcasing new alt-pop stylings, Meet You In Hell flaunts a new side to her diverse and exciting artistry. As we continue to make our way through the EP, Jade continues to deliver enchanting vocals, immersive soundscapes, and candid storytelling and lyricism; drawing us into emotive and delicate alt-pop realms. From one of the most tender tracks on the record, Same Place, to hard-hitting indie-rock vibes on Aimed to Kill, and ambient dance beats on There’s People Watching; Jade no doubt shows us the full scope of her artistry and talent. 

Ending the EP on another heart-wrenching track, Let Me, the minimalist soundscape pairs so effortlessly to truly highlight the beauty and depth of Jade’s vocals and emotions. A perfect song to end the record on, capturing the emotions that have weaved their way throughout the EP’s entirety, there is something so hauntingly beautiful and unmissable about the track; with it bringing the record full circle and to an introspective close.  

Talking about the EP, Jade explains:

“I’m very excited to be releasing my first EP. It’s named after “Constellations”, the first song I had released. It’s the song that started this whole journey and I wouldn’t be here without it. I have learned so much about myself, my song writing, and storytelling through this EP. The process has made me explore my own creativity and imagination, and brought me to these places and stories that never would have existed if I hadn’t written it. Overall, I’m hyped about being able to share this first piece of me. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in my own story, and I can’t wait for what’s to come and to continue doing what I love.”

With over 30 million streams and counting, Jade LeMac is on a fast rise, and has firmly proved herself as one of the top new artists to watch. And with big things on the horizon for the year ahead, and having just signed with Arista Records; make sure to keep up to date with Jade, her exciting journey, and all her releases on her socials: @jadelemac

(Photo Credit: Zachary Vague)

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