2015 The Story So Far

One Name Comes to Mind When Thinking of Success in 2015;

Years & Years, But Who Are They……


You may have heard their songs on the radio but when asked who the group were you’d struggle to work it out.

They are a British Electronic group based in London members being Olly Alexander, Emre Turkmen and Mikey Goldsworthy. The band has been together since 2010 and have many singles released such as Desire, Real and the more well-known Take Shelter. However there big break came in March 2015 with their new single King which reached number one on the UK Top 40 Charts.


The band has since been touring Europe supporting acts such as Sam Smith and has also been performing on their own in the USA. They are set to come back for the summer to perform at a number of UK based festivals such as Reading and Leeds in August, Ibiza Rocks and T in the Park.

The band’s image and song style is getting them noticed around the world with them winning the BBC Sound of 2015 Award with previous winners being the likes of Sam Smith and Adele to name a few. Their songs are mainly written by frontman Olly Alexander who’s “dysfunctional relationships” have led to the written expression of what we hear today; coupled with that of the synth vibe from Emre and bass from Mikey have led to their ever growing spotlight and success.

A particular song which has been placed in the spotlight recently is the live version of Eyes Shut, one of their original songs stripped back and performed by the band; simply talent at its best. Words are hard to find to describe such a well-executed live performance from the group.

The band’s new album “communion” is set for release on the 22nd June 2015 by their record label Polydor Records and I’m guessing will be a big hit with many fans and music lovers alike.


For more information on the band or to purchase their new album check their site out: http://yearsandyearsofficial.com

For bookings or enquiries contact Machine Management under the work of Martha Kinn, previously known as co-manager for Rizzle Kicks and in aiding their success:



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