Discovering Justin Love

Discovering Justin Love

Great things happen when you least expect it; and the same can definitely be said when it comes to music. For me, one of these moments came when I stumbled upon 20 year old Justin Love on Soundcloud. I First heard his song ‘Stress No More’, with its catchy hook instantly grabbing my attention. And since then, I’ve had his songs on loop.

With his chilled hip-hop RnB vibes Justin puts out an array of original songs, along with more mainstream covers, which are still guaranteed to have his signature style all over it. These covers and samples include Justin Bieber ‘Change Me’, Tyga ‘Wait For a Minute’ and Cameo ‘Candy’. With his blend of familiar songs and original music, he creates a perfect blend between urban and mainstream giving off a unique, mellow vibe. He has also done several collaborations with other up-coming artists including Audrey Rose and CheerDolor.

So far, he has released three mixtapes; Dreams of Love (2015), Dreams of Love II (2015) and his Valentines Day Mixtape (2016); and he has released ‘Stress No More’ and ‘Off With The Light’ as singles. He has started off this year by doing several shows in America, including his main show at Webster Hall in New York. He has also been working on new music, giving a few previews on his social media, which should hopefully be coming out later this year. And I can’t wait to see what direction he’s going to take!

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