First off, I’ve got to thank my all time favourite artist Kaytranada for collaborating with this jazz group on his debut album “99.9%” and helping me discover their music. To be honest I’m not very knowledgeable on BBNG’s (BADBADNOTGOOD) past releases. However I am aware of how much they’ve been sampled in the recent past. Snippets of their tracks appearing on some incredibly popular music such as Drake’s “0 to 100” and Rihanna’s “Sex with Me” and of course extensive use of their material from fellow Canadian, KAYTRANADA in many of his remixes.

Their brand new album “IV” (which is released on the 8th of July) features new member Leland Whitty on Sax, opening up a lot more doors for BBNG to experiment and I feel like that’s exactly what they’ve done on this LP. Tracks feature extravagant sax solos and even a section on the track “IV” where Leland plays unaccompanied by his fellow band mates in the outro of the track.

There’s a definitive contrast to some tracks with features from Charlotte Day Wilson, Sam Herring, Mick Jenkins and more. Some tracks have a very “song like” structure such as “In Your Eyes (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)” where BBNG move slightly away from jazz and fall into a vintage soul accompaniment. I fell in love with the rather strange array of heavy synths on the track Lavender (ft. KAYTRANADA) which is a beautifully messy yet unified collaboration between the two artists.

I was lucky enough not only to see them live last week at Rough Trade East, but also to get my hands on their new LP on vinyl way before the official release. In the show they performed some instrumental tracks such as “Speaking Gently” and “IV” from the new album that have now become some of my favourites. They cleverly covered Adele’s “Hello” which took me by surprise. The audience laughed at first as Leland Whitty on Sax played the main melody, some audience members definitely not expecting to be hearing Adele’s catchy melodic hooks that evening. The audience however grew silent in amazement as the performance went on and Matthew Tavares on keys burst into solo over the pop ballad.

I managed to chat to the guys after the show. Asking them about the recent rumour I heard on a KAYTRANADA interview about a collaboration album between the two artists coming next year. Alexander Sowinski (drums) replying “How do you know about that?”


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