Interview with Olly Flavell

Last week I was privileged to interview the lovely Olly Flavell, up and coming singer-songwriter, following his live lounge at Fuse FM (University of Manchester’s Student radio station). Giving off an indie, James Bay-esque vibe, his smooth vocals and acoustic guitar are definitely one to look out for. So here’s a snippet of what happened as we sat down in the studio and spoke about musical collaborations, influences and the best parts of being a singer-songwriter.

What would you say you prefer the singing and performing side, or song-writing side of things?

This is going to be a very technical answer, both. I love the performance side because I get to write my own stuff, but also writing for other people is very fun too because the junk songs, but not really junk songs go to other people.

So would you say you prefer writing songs for yourself or other people because writing songs can be quite a personal thing so is it hard to almost give away a song?

Nowadays I write much more personal stuff which is actually really nice. but because I’ve done so much publishing now there a method to the magic. Nowadays yes, I wouldn’t give away what I’ve written now but old stuff I’m not so fussed because it’s the way you write.

Are there any people you’re dying to collaborate with, either writing a song with them or performing with them?

There’s too many artists! If I could really collab with someone big, I’d probably say James Bay, his writing’s incredible. There’s a few other chart people like Jason Maraz, I’d love to collaborate with him.

So who are some of your other musical inspirations and favourites?

It’s kind of country-pop-rock I listen to. So there’s a guy called Jason Isbell who I’m really in love with at the moment, he’s good. There’s a big band, my favourite band ever called the Zac Brown Band, there supposed to be classed as country but they literally do anything from jazz all the way through, they’re just phenomenal. There more pop-y now. And a big guy called John Mayor – from America – he’s really amazing.

In terms of your experience in the music industry, where would you want to end up, more in the singing and performing sider or the writing aspect?

My aim is just to be a successful independent songwriter who basically can pay my bills. But at the same time, I would like to be an independent artist so do both aspects. In that way I’m not one to look for the labels, I’d be happy earning money writing for other people but while just having a following in the music I write.

Listen below for the full interview and hear us chat in depth!

Olly Favell is definitely an artist to keep an eye on in the next coming year, and make sure to keep an ear out for more music coming soon and catch him performing at various festivals and concerts!

Post By Stevie Carter

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