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Ekko & Sidetrack- Black Stone

Ekko & Sidetrack- Black Stone

Ekko & Sidetrack have very recently been taken on as an exclusive signing for Viper Recordings, and are back with their latest track. Black Stone wastes no time getting to business.

After a brief introduction to the listener is hit with a barrage of Old School Hi-Hats and deep basslines that call back to the earlier eras of Jungle. The sound design and production of the track is reminiscent of some of the very founding pieces of Jungle, it’s hefty use of the Amen break, choppy basslines and hats. The Old School Hi-hats running throughout the track gives the song it’s vibrance and energy, whilst the dark and sinister melody and harmonies that flow continuously create a heavy and ominous tone, yet one that works so masterfully with the percussion to create a dance floor inspired piece. This is a track that so seamlessly blends Ekko and Sidetracks’ earlier connections to jungle with a dark almost techy sound to create a modern tone that is so unique to their sound.

Ekko & Sidetrack Studio | Busk Music

After hearing this track everyone was so keen to ask these guys a few questions, without any further adieu let’s hear what they have to say:

1. Hi Guys, First of all I just want to say that myself and all of us at Busk Music are huge fans of your new track Black Stone, what influenced you to make this track?

Thank you. I think we we’ve wanted to make a big breakbeat tune for the clubs (Eg – Brazil – Chase & Status) for a while but ideas had never stuck till now. We spent 5 weeks in the UK mid way through the year which impacted us creatively.

2. How did you both get started in Dnb and how did you meet?

We met midway through 1989 when Jonathan was born and Jeff (As his older brother) saw his smiling face for the first time. We both listened to punk and played in bands so when we started going out to clubs, the pace and feverous nature of DNB spoke to us.

3. What are some of your influences you’ve drawn from in the world of Jungle and other genres that have helped you in making this and other tracks?

We weren’t old enough to experience the full jungle age so “Black Stone”  is less of a throwback track to that era more of a reinterpretation of how we hear it in 2018. The history of drum and bass is very strong in Perth so we were exposed to all sorts of sub genres, not just the latest dance floor hits.

4. It’s been a big year for you, how are you finding the exclusive signing with Viper?

Its been great so far. Being part of a strong musical family that’s open to our creativity is wicked and having Futurebound as you’re A&R on new tunes is always handy.

5. As a duo you are known for creating gritty, heavy sounding tracks, yet some of your earlier work and tracks like “Burgle” are on the lighter side, do you guys feel more at home in the Liquid side of drum and bass or the grittier side of Jungle/ bass music?

Our tastes in music range massively so therefore the music we create will too. It comes down to what is inspiring us in the moment. We like it all so we make it all.

6. When you are playing out do you have a preference over doing a DJ set or live?

We have only ever DJ’d. At the moment the LIVE things does not appeal to us.

7. And finally what does the next year look like for both of you in regards to any music or performances?

Keep an ear out for new music early next year.  We’re currently in America on a holiday so once we’re back home we’ll get straight into the studio and working on making your dreams come true around the world.

Check out Ekko & Sidetrack’s socials to keep updated on what they’re up to! 👇🏻

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Written by Magnus Hoe

Busk Music Blog

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