Lewis Capaldi | Busk Music

One to Watch 2019: Lewis Capaldi

One to Watch 2019: Lewis Capaldi

Who is Lewis Capaldi?

At the time of writing this, Lewis Capaldi has just been announced as MTVs ‘Ones To Watch 2019’ Winner – and rightfully so! I, like many of his fans, shared his MTVPUSH nomination photo on Instagram in a bid to secure his win and not to take any credit at all, but it totally worked, right?

Lewis Capaldi | Busk Music | MTV Winner

If you haven’t heard of Lewis Capaldi yet, you’re definitely about to (and not just because you’re here reading my open letter to him). Scottish Singer-songwriter, Brit award nominee, MTVs One To Watch and self-proclaimed ‘big-fat-sexy-jungle-cat’, Capaldi released his first track, ‘Bruises’ in 2017: This track has racked up a staggering 94 Million streams on Spotify and has been featured on tons of official Spotify and apple music playlists including ‘sad songs’ and ‘hot hits’. Since this release, he has brought out two singles, two four-track EPs, one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen and a gorgeous duet with Jessie Reyez. Also, you may have seen his most recent feature on the Radio One Live Lounge where he covered the incredible track ‘Shallow’ from A Star Is Born, you can find it here.

My recommendation? Just listen to them all


3 Reasons why Capaldi really is ‘one to watch’

I’m writing this post now for a number of reasons but for your convenience, I have narrowed it down to my top 3 reasons why you need to give Lewis Capaldi a little bit of your time:

Number 1:

His music is sad pop GOLD: ‘Someone You Loved’ is Capaldi’s first song to make it to the charts and although I’m totally biased as he’s one of my favourite artists, it’s clear to see how his latest track has been crawling up into the UK top 20. Each song he has released is the perfect song to sing at the top of your lungs and yes, it might make you cry, but if it does, my next point has you covered.

Number 2:

He is absolutely HILARIOUS: Admittedly, this music blog should focus solely on how amazing his music is (and it is amazing, credit where credit is due), but I cannot stress enough how funny this guy is! If you want instant proof, then watch the video for ‘Grace’ because of it just perfect and I’m not going to give any spoilers so you should just watch it right now. Also, he is currently referring to himself as Lewis Calamari all because one person in his comments called him Lewis Calamari. Limited context is still context, guys.

Number 3:

Lewis Capaldi is a really nice guy: you know those competitions that you enter and don’t think that there’s any chance you’ll win but you reaaaaally want to win? Okay so I won one of those competitions and it got me into a secret gig in London where I got to meet the man himself.

At the end of this intimate gig, he made time to speak to every single person in the room – even playing a snippet of his newest single, which was due to be released a few days later, to the lucky few of us that had stuck around. Aside from being super lovely to his fans at that time, it’s clear all over social media that he has so much time for the people that support him.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, a lot of his fans have been sharing his MTV Push post on Instagram and to show his appreciation for these fans, he was re-sharing everyone’s posts which made his Instagram story ridiculously long but it was lovely to see. Oh, and this one time, he replied to my dad’s tweet about me being in love with him.. I hope he never realises that my dad was actually talking about me.

Lewis Capaldi - Live Lounge | Busk Music

Admittedly this whole blog was a long-winded way of saying that I idolise Lewis Capaldi and if you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter you should too, but I genuinely think that he is exactly what the music world needs in 2019 and I cannot wait to get a little more insight into the album that he’s working on.

Capaldi’s Socials:


Written By Shannon Gillespiecropped-fullsizerender.jpg

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