Today, Nashville based indie-pop band Nightly are back with their latest release! Comprised of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta, along with drummer Nick Sainato; over the past few years, the band have been making waves across the indie scene with their signature alt-pop vibe. And with a steady stream of incredible music, including their hit single XO, and supporting the likes of The Struts and The Night Game on tour; Nightly have gone from strength to strength. Following on from their latest release a few weeks ago with singer Charli Adams, on their track the moviesthe band are back with a brand new single, You Should Probably Just Hang Up, to start the weekend off right! Ahead of the release of their brand new track; we sat down with Jonathan, the singer of Nightly, to chat about their new single and all things music. So keep on reading for the full interview with Nightly down below. 

BM: For those who don’t know you already; how would you best describe your music, and yourselves as an artist, in one quote or lyric?

NIGHTLY: Songs to drive to.

BM: So Tell me a bit about how the band came together and what first got you started in music.

NIGHTLY: Joey and myself are cousins. We grew up outside of Philadelphia and have been playing music since we were kids. Eventually we moved to Nashville and met Nick, our drummer. He grew up in Ohio but we clicked immediately.

BM: You’re just about to release your latest single, You Should Probably Just Hang Up, which sounds incredible! Tell me a bit about the inspiration behind the track.

NIGHTLY: Thank you! We wrote it about a toxic situation. The song came super quickly and we recorded/produced it in quarantine in Joey’s basement. 

BM: The track has more of a dance/synth/EDM kind of sound with a really catchy and addictive bassline. How did the production and instrumentation on the song come about?

NIGHTLY: We really didn’t over think it. We just went with what felt right. The key part was the first thing we came up with and the melody flowed right out after we tracked that.

BM: This single comes after your collaborative release earlier this year with Charli Adams, on your track the movies. What was it like working with Charli, and what inspired the collab?

NIGHTLY: Charli is amazing! She’s a super good friend of ours and we’ve always been big fans of her music. We asked her to open for one of our Nashville shows and became close after that. We started writing together occasionally, and when we thought about a possible duet she was the first person that came to mind.

BM: Since your earlier releases; from your EP Honest in 2016 to your EP The Sound of Your Voice in 2018; what are the main ways you’ve changed and developed as a band, musically and creatively?

NIGHTLY: I think We’ve just learned to trust our instincts more and not second guess ourselves. We feel more free to do and say whatever we want now.

BM: Talk me through your creative process… do you have a set structure or process when it comes to writing/recording/producing or does it change with each project?

NIGHTLY: It can happen a couple ways. Usually either I come in with a lyric idea and we build around that, or if I don’t have any ideas, we’ll start a progression or beat and then I’ll write lyrics to that.

BM: As a band, with each of you having your own style and idea; how do you balance and blend your individual creativity, to create an overall and coherent sound and vision?

NIGHTLY: Luckily we have a lot of similar interests and tastes. No two people will agree on everything always, but I think the compromise and creative input of everyone is what makes us unique, not just a one man band.

BM: Your music is incredibly unique, eclectic and versatile. Where do you draw most of your inspiration from; and who are some artists, or creatives, that are inspiring you at the moment?

NIGHTLY: Thank you! historically we’ve all been fans of bands. The Killers, Coldplay, U2, were some of our early favorites, but there is so much cool music out there right now. I have been jamming to Jeremy Zucker’s new record a ton.

Songs to drive to.

BM: You guys recently signed with BMG which is big news! Congratulations! How does it feel to be signed to a new label, and what does this mean for you as a band and future projects?

NIGHTLY: We’re super grateful for BMG’s support and enthusiasm towards us. I think the thing that is most inspiring about them is that they really want us to lead and share our vision, not fit into some cookie cutter shape. They’ve been super encouraging from the first conversation, and we’re excited to work with them.

BM: What are some things you hope to achieve as a band over the next few years?

NIGHTLY: We want to continue to grow and write music that means something to us. I’m excited to keep pushing deeper and writing songs that I’m proud of. Our fans have been the best, so I hope to give them something to brag about in the coming years.

BM: For the rest of 2020, where do you see yourself heading musically; and can we expect any more new music releases heading our way?

NIGHTLY: There is A LOT of new music that is already made. and we plan to share it all this year.

For the latest on all things Nightly, and to keep up with all their latest releases; head over to their socials @nightly

Posted By Stevie Carter

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