Spencer Sutherland releases his brand new EP ‘Indigo’.

Following a stream of captivating releases this year; today, LA-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Spencer Sutherland releases his stunning new EP – Indigo. Featuring previously released tracks like Wonder and Too Many Friends, alongside a handful of new releases; the dazzling 6-track record encapsulates Spencer’s artistic ethos — to create music that is both confessional and euphoric to listen to. And alongside the EP, Spencer has also released some stunning new visuals for the title track Indigo; co-written by his friend and fellow artist Olivia Holt.

“Indigo is that feeling, that person, that place you never want to leave. ‘Hey Indigo, don’t let me go’ is wanting to hold onto that thing that’s giving you these incredible endorphins for as long as possible.” 

Spencer talking about the EP

Showcasing his ability to blend peppy unforgettable melodies with vulnerable and intimate lyrics, the EP is a culmination of Spencer’s artistic journey over the past year. Beginning the EP is the first of the pre-released tracks off of the record – Too Many Friends. A song that draws upon wanting to finally get out of the friend zone, Too Many Friends is a dynamic and up-tempo retro dance inspired track that is impossible to resist. Following on from Too Many Friends is the EP’s title track, and first of the new releases – Indigo. With a rhythmic bassline running throughout, Indigo delivers a more minimalist melody that pushes Spencer’s vocals to the forefront of the soundscape; featuring a mass of mesmerizing cadences and captivating harmonies. Enchanting and uplifting, Indigo is a perfect new record to add to Spencer’s ever growing discography. 

Another vibrant addition to the EP, and his visual collection; the music video for Indigo further showcases Spencer’s dedication to poignant artistic choices; delivering meaningful visuals that mirror the energy and sentiment of each of his songs. With simple but effective cinematography, the video shows Spencer walking down a dessert path as he performs the track. Passionately declaring his sincere emotions, Spencer comes across a variety of different items that act as metaphors for objects of affection — from records to indigo flowers. 

“Indigo means deep sincerity which, to me, is the most honest way to describe how I’m using the term. I sincerely mean how I’m telling you how I feel about you.”

Spencer on the new track, Indigo

Following Indigo, we work our way throughout the EP; with the record featuring two previously released singles – Wonder and Help, alongside the second of the brand new tracks – Bored. Delivering a more sultry energy and immersive tempo, Bored infuses a new layer to the sonic composition of the record with a dynamic and effortlessly cool alt-pop beat. As the EP comes to a close, Spencer brings the project full circle as he ends Indigo with a new acoustic version of Too Many Friends, that truly highlights Spencer’s immense vocal and artistic talent. 

With more to come from Spencer in the year to come, make sure to keep up with him on his incredible musical journey; and find him on all his socials @spencermusic

Posted By Stevie Carter

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