Write For Us

We’re currently on the lookout for enthusiastic and outgoing people to join our team at Busk Music, an Online Music Website. 

Busk Music focuses on upcoming talent around the UK and further afield. Posts can be on artists, interviews, song reviews, gig reviews, club nights or anything else you have a passion for which is music related. We mainly focus on small artists however if there’s a piece you want to write on an Artist you have followed to the stage their at now, by all means you can do a post. 

Post whenever you want so it’s not a full time commitment. On a side note it looks great on CV’s, countless of our writers have used the role for their interviews and job applications. 

We have a large Twitter presence, Website views from around the world and ever growing contact within Artist Management for interviews and talks.

If you’re interested please visit the Contact Us Page and drop us an email.