Not even two weeks have gone since the release of his first LP “To The Child Drifting Out at Sea”, and Owsey has already come up with a fresh tune for us.

The Northern Irish musician has been working on his 18 tracks long album for the last four years, and released it the fifth of January. You can get it from this link. The LP is sort of an ambient/future garage work, with some scattered flashes of very synth­ish melodies, piano interludes and nicely sampled vocals here and there. It is definitely worth a listen if you’re into that kind of glitchy and melodic ambient music.

Here is a sampler of To The Child Drifiting Out At Sea.​:

Owsey’s latest track “Alone In The Traffic Of This World” follows the same style. It can be found here:


Check out Owsey’s Soundcloud and ​ Bandcamp for more of his works.​

Owsey Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Owsey/

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