New Arcades’ “We Had It All Just For A Moment”

New Arcades’ “We Had It All Just For A Moment” is the Synthwave EP you were waiting for.

New Arcades’ latest work is out, for the joy of all the nostalgics of those glorious 80s’ vibes.

The London based duo have released their third EP for NRW Records. “We Had It All Just For A Moment” is the 20 minutes long synthwave album that anyone wishing to escape this decade needs. You will be catapulted back to 80s’ Miami (or early 90s’ Tokyo, if you prefer) as soon as the opening track ­Visions​­ starts playing. All the following four songs clearly represent the band’s spirit and their will to recreate those unforgettable atmospheres. Expect classic synths, vintage drum kits and catchy choirs, all merged together with breath-taking arpeggios and pad sounds.

Neither New Wave aficionados and Synthpop enthusiasts, nor casual listeners looking for an easy listening break from today’s electronic music will be disappointed by this release. It’s definitely something not to miss. The album is ​available here​. Nostalgia included.

Follow New Arcades on ​Soundcloud​ and ​Bandcamp​.

Blog Post by Sergio Flore



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