Serge P – “Acid Breath”


Serge P – “Acid Breath”

Right now every techno lover in search of some fresh sounds should keep an eye on Serge  P. The German producer has dropped his first EP “Acid breath” with the Moskow­based  label Mako Records (Proxy’s own label, in case you needed a proof of quality).

The release contains two original tunes and three remixes ­ two of the title­track by Flip  Clock and The Mould, and one of ‘Churchdance’ by Gmorozov.

“Acid Breath” starts rather unusually for a techno song: As the initial warming kick drum refuses to follow the 4/4 pattern that the genre dictates and leads the way to a metallic voice you will find yourselves right into the acid core of the song.

The second track ‘Churchdance’ is fairly more classic and house­ish. The voice slightly  reminded me of ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk. Thumbs up for this.­churchdance

Of all the three remixes, I would say that The Mould’s one struck me the most. Maybe it’s because the into drops into an anything but linear drumline a nice break from the previous track’s style.

The full EP is available to listen ​here​

Mako Records ​Soundcloud​

Serge P. Soundcloud​

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