Who are Jadu Heart?

Who are Jadu Heart?

In the early hours of Saturday morning in the back of a cab I sit listening to one of the best EP’s to drop this year. Coming straight from a DJ set in central London, I’m beyond tired. So I sit back and blast out the fresh sound of Jadu Heart in my headphones. Their chilled vibe gives a sort of feel that The xx gave me when listening to their LPs after a long day, The xx now one of the biggest UK groups to hit the music scene.


Jadu Heart (dina & faro) dropped their debut EP “Wanderflower” on the 7th April. The duo are signed to Mura Masa’s label “Anchor Point” and were able to reach audiences pretty quickly. Soon they were high up in the electronic album charts on iTunes with tracks like “Warm Magic” also being picked up by Spotify playlist creators.


Their unique style makes it particularly challenging to describe. Some aspects of the record might suggest that they were inspired by the great J Dilla but also heavy influences of R&B, soul and trip-hip run throughout the record. Some vocal deliveries on the EP reminding me of the mysterious Jai Paul. The drums and percussion reminding me of Australian producer Ta-ku who also creates a similar warm nature to his tracks.


Just last week the enigmatic duo performed as Jadu Heart for the first time at the Anchor Point showcase at London’s Oval Space with other AP Sound artists, Bonzai and of course Mura Masa himself. They will be playing again at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton on the 21st May. Also they perform in masks… that’s cool.

Post by Stanley Sorrell

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