Fresh Drum and Bass from Spor

The name of Jon Gooch should not be new to a lot of DnB and EDM fans. The multifaceted producer has recently come back to his neurofunk origins, after a successful period in Electro-house and Dubstep production behind the pseudonym and alter-ego ‘Feed Me’.


From 2008 to 2015 his popularity in dance music has been growing as he released hits as ‘Talk to Me’, ‘Far Away’ (produced with Kill the Noise) and the unforgettable ‘One Click Headshot’ (which drop is constructed using samples by Dough from the web-series Pure Pwnage). So… just another masked house DJ? Not quite. Surprisingly, for such a big name, Jon’s never hidden his distaste for the mainstream DJ culture to which he said was never really interested in the first place.

Could this have been the reason for a break from Feed Me’s music? Deciding to hang up his grinning&green monster after a couple of LPs and years of honorable career in the EDM scene, Jon has come back to what he was originally famous for: his Drum and Bass project, Spor. In 2015 he released the LP Caligo for free and sealed his return to its darkest roots.

spor2.jpg Three days ago he released his newest ‘Black Eyed’ EP for his own label Sotto Voce. The 5 tracks and 25 minutes long work also features some tunes with other notorious name such as Phace, Icicle and Linguistics. Unsurprisingly, this little gem will not disappoing those people – including me – who missed the Spor sound during Jon’s EDM parenthesis.

Fav tracks: Know You and Mind of an Insomniac.

As for his previous work a free torrent to get the EP is available here.

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