Parson James Releases New Single “Sad Song”

Parson James Releases New Single “Sad Song”

Parson James releases brand new single “Sad Song” which is in fact contrary to the blue title.

You may recognise James from his collaboration with Kygo on hit song “Stole the Show” which was released in early 2015. Since then James went onto release his Extended Play Release “Temple EP” which included a number of tracks such as the original “Stole the Show”. Since then James has been touring around the world with Kygo, writing new music and performing individually at many festivals and Pride events over the 2016 summer season. However he is now back with his new release “Sad Song” which is currently premiering on Billboard and we cannot get enough……

James surprised all fans with a teaser video on his social media outlets which featured a 23 second clip of the track melody on Thursday night the day before the premiere release on Billboard.

James has always been know put immense effort and honesty into his song writing and for sure this song doesn’t let down. The song lyrics talk about a past relationship of James and a chance encounter with his ex at a bar. The lyrics read how James has struggled with relationships and how this had taken its toll, it goes on to counter this with the lyrics “Now this might sound like a sad song but i just smile since you moved on”. James explained this in the interview with Billboard in that in these situations normally all memories good and bad flow back from seeing an ex and it would have a negative effect as such; however this time it didn’t and in fact he just walked away relived.

Check the Single out here:

The song features such upbeat vocals and melodies that we just can’t stop listening. The song being a different vibe from James previous music but it compliments this and if anything it showcases his talent as an Artist.

James has been writing for the last two years and if this is anything to go off we cannot wait to hear what’s to come from this very talented guy.

The Track is set to release Officially on the 14th October under the RCA Label.

Posted By Andrew Bottomley 


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