NCT – Soaring to the Forefront of Liquid.

NCT – Soaring to the Forefront of Liquid.

It’s been a great few years for the Dutch Drum and Bass scene, with explosive releases from Maduk, Murdock and of course NCT filling the scene with an energetic form of liquid Drum and Bass that has proved as commercially successful as it is catchy, and has revitalised the liquid scene and brought forth some of the most forward thinking electronic music tracks in recent years.


NCT have flooded the scene with releases that have managed to capture the soulful and often melodic essence of Liquid Drum and Bass whilst still ensuring the tracks are Danceworthy anthems suitable for a club or arena setting; a quality so rare in this genre of Dn’B. The Duo have enjoyed great success in recent years with releases on major and influential labels such as ‘Liquicity’ and ‘Ram’.

While admittedly I normally prefer the darker side of Bass music, the first track of this release kept my interest from the beginning and only grew more on me with each subsequent listen. The first track in this release, titled ‘Give In’ begins with a powerful Harmony that accompanies a set of soaring vocals building an amazing anticipation for a very heavy drop. Blending seamlessly the soulful and melodic riffs so characteristic of Liquid with the ruthless and massive drops of Jump up. No doubt that this track will have any dance floor filled in seconds.

The second track on this release ‘Away from Here’ begins with a bubblegum sweet cloyingly catchy synth hook, repeated throughout the track, slowly a fierce drum track builds throughout the track, with multiple subtle but effective drops. This tune is definitely less intense and heavy than the prior track but no less enjoyable. Overall the entire release has a squeaky clean production behind it, lots of memorable hooks and a set of powerful drops to rinse any sound system it touches. It’s clear that this duo are heading to the forefront of the drum and bass scene, they are stalwarts of liquid, and personally I cannot wait to see what there future releases have in store.

In addition to this Release I can massively recommend checking out other drum and bass artists along the same theme such as Maduk (a personal favourite) and Calyx and Teebee, with there soulful spin on Drum and Bass which leaves the cliche of standard Jump-up music behind and explores a more beautiful, melodic and soulful theme.
My personal favourite tracks include:
Maduk’s powerful anthems- Vermillion and Feel Good
Spectrasoul’s remix of Platoon (originally by Jungle) and Caylx and Teebee- Elevate this sound


Check NCT Online:


Twitter – @NCTmusick

Written By – Magnus Hoe



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