Bands 4 Refugees

Over the next two days, a group of indie bands will be playing shows in London where all proceeds go towards the non-profit ‘HelpRefugees’ charity. The line up is varied and, quite honestly, incredible, with the likes of Wolf Alice, Peace, Alt J, Swim Deep and Years & Years appearing, along with others.

The lead singer of Wolf Alice, Ellie Rowsell, is the frontman for the show, advertising on social media that the band have ‘gathered a bunch of very talented pals for a one off covers night in aid of the current refugee crisis’. With each ticket less than £15, it is no surprise that all three shows have sold out – and for a vital cause.

Although heartwarming, it is unfortunate that this event was in response to, what Rowsell called a ‘severe lack of compassion amongst British people’. However, it is also inspiring that these musicians are using their position of power and influence in the public eye to create a united front for this international issue.

This event is perfectly executed in the sense that the solidarity and unity of the bands and the crowd mirrors what the charity is trying to achieve; a world without walls. Just think, if all politically powerful people had the same motivations as these indie bands, what could be achieved.

Although it is too late to see the gig, there is definitely still time to donate.

Post by Jess Willimson

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