Alma – The Finnish Gem

Alma – The Finnish Gem

So as normal we spent our week having a look over the new releases by Artists on Spotify but by chance a scroll through our Instagram suggestions we came across @cyberalma. At the time Alma was in Vegas shooting videos and pictures for her social media which featured on her Instagram story and it was this that has us drawn in.


Looking into Alma we found her background story in which she was first noticed for her appearance on “Finnish Idols” where she finished 5th. From this she worked as a backing singer for Sini Sabotage until she was singed to Universal Music in 2016. Alma released her first single in June 2016 titled “Karma” so we headed over to Spotify to listen to it, this is where we got REALLY excited. Have a listen below before you read anymore…..

Karma begins with a delicate piano riff and features Alma’s husky yet delicate voice which gives a haunting feel. However only 19 seconds into the track it is transformed into a tropical paradise featuring a distinctive house beat which later leads into a prominent beat as the chorus kicks in. Thinking it couldn’t get any better the mid chorus drops into a second beat which brings it all together. For a first release we really think this is something special….

In September 2016 Alma released a number of remixes of “Karma”, but one stood out to us – Laz Perkins Remix

Alma later went on to release her Debut EP “Dye My Hair” in October 2016 which features four tracks including “Dye My Hair” with lyrics re-counting the effects of love on a person; such as dying your hair blonde…. Again a track we instantly fell in love with as features a prominent house type melody and Alma’s distinctive vocals.

The EP also features an Acoustic version of “Dye My Hair” which shows off her raw and captivating voice.

Not only did Alma celebrate her 21st birthday on the 17th January 2017 she also performed at the legendary Maida Vale Studios for Radio 1’s Future Festival 2017. Her performance on the night can be seen here:

We will certainly be keeping an eye on Alma in 2017 as an Artist who has so much to give and are hoping for another UK performance soon.

Check Alma out here:

Instagram – CyberAlma

Twitter – @Almacyber


Posted by Andrew Bottomley



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