Over the past few years, as YouTube has become a new platform for singers, vloggers and video creatives alike to post and showcase their talent, we have seen the rise of a new ‘YouTube generation’, with many artist rising to superstardom following their exposure on the site. Some of which include global phenomenon’s Justin Bieber, The Vamps and Conor Maynard. In particular, YouTube has become a new way for upcoming artists to post their content, gain more exposure and hopefully be discovered as the next big thing.

One YouTube artist I have recently discovered and fallen in love with is the young, gifted Aussie producer and singer-songwriter, William Singe. The talented R&B, Hip-Hop cover artist has been posting regular covers since 2012 and has rapidly taken the YouTube community by a storm with his smooth Chris Brown-esque voice and perfect falsetto. He has covered the likes of Mario, Drake, The Weeknd and Jeremiah, with his videos rapidly racking up views and international support. With his incredible vocal range, he also shows his talent for putting a unique ‘Will’ twist on any song and turning it into a suave, chilled track that you can’t help but become obsessed with. While getting heavily involved with the YouTube music scene, he has also collaborated with many other YouTube artists such as Alex Aiono, Devvon Terrell and Conor Maynard.


Following his record deal with American RCA records in 2016, there are exciting times ahead as Will officially kick starts his solo career. And in the coming year, he is gearing up to release loads of new music, starting with his debut single ‘Rush’ – out February third, along with plans for a full album release very soon. His 2017 plans also include an international tour ‘The Changes Tour’, across five continents, where Alex Aiono will also join him for several dates.


So we can definitely look forward to some new music, both covers and original from William over the next year and there will be plenty of chances to go and see him perform live! And with his new single ‘Rush’ dropping today, definitely make sure to check it out and show some love for his first official project that, just like his covers, still provides those classic Will, smooth R&B vibes.

Post By Stevie Carter

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