Insideinfo- Spychase- A Change For Viper Recordings?

Insideinfo- Spychase- A change for Viper recordings?

A massive departure from the label’s previous releases, Spychase is a complex, chaotic yet intricate production, taking endless obscure samples, sophisticated drops and leaving the listener brutally aware of the skill of this Stalwart producer. Insideinfo is no Stranger to the Drum and bass scene, known for his several of his catchy releases that have received airtime on Rinse FM, Hospitality shows and Radio 1 Xtra. Spychase is no exception to this, already receiving notable praise from several previews that have been dropped on BBC 1 Xtra and rinse.


The piece begins with a dark yet catchy string hook, that then slowly transforms into the sort of wind section not out of place in a classic thriller yet with an obscure mildly jazz based overtone. The song then out of almost nowhere drops into this dark, heavy baseline, surprising the listener, it’s tone is dark but definitely has it’s place on the dance floor. The dark, hard hitting rhythm is akin to releases such as Andy C’s- New Era, and Chase and status- No Problem, it’s gritty yet unique and definitely will hold an important place in any jump up set. as Viper themselves have put it “With his first release on Viper back in 2008 with ‘Sneaker’, InsideInfo has steadily built a reputation with his precise, unique sound and scientific production setting him apart from the rest. ” and it would be hard to disagree, it is his precise and skilled production values that set him apart from his other peers in the Jump up scene, the scientific and almost calculating nature of Insideinfo’s production method is impossible to deny, and leaves most to consider the fact that there are few others that could produce tracks with the same skill as him, and Spychase is no exception to this rule.

Perhaps Most impressive though is not just the production value clearly held by Insideinfo but also the innovation of Viper Recordings as a label. Here on this production it is clear they have left the realm they are most comfortably associated with in their often lighter more melodic liquid Dnb releases for a new set of releases that reflect a much stronger vision of heavier and darker bass lines so closely associated with Jump Up.

It is clear that Viper has plenty of variety to offer and has cemented themselves as true influencers in the Drum and Bass scene.

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