Nineteen year old R&B singer Jorja Smith, is creating a lot of noise in the music scene with her soulful vocals that have been taking everyone by a storm. And one person in particular who has been riding the Jorja Smith wave is none other than esteemed rapper Drake, who has gotten the talented singer on not one, but two tracks on his newest album More Life. However, Jorja’s vocals and talent really began to take centre stage following the release of her hop-hop and R&B debut single Blue Lights early last year.

Early last year, Jorja gave us a tease of what was to come as she released a trio of singles, following up Blue Lights with her next two releases Where Did I Go? and A Prince. This eclectic mix of singles show off the richness of Jorja’s voice and the perfect infusion of soul, R&B and blues that her music and vocals deliver. And following the excitement and attention her first few releases gained, she kept the world in suspense as she spent the rest of the year working on her next project. With her singles being followed up so perfectly by her debut EP Project 11 which arrived at the end of the year.

Project 11 could not have been a more perfect introduction to the music scene, and her effortless vocals compare to the likes of Amy Winehouse with their smoothness and dream-like quality. Speaking for itself, the EP follows up nicely from the earlier singles, presenting a nice compellation of R&B, pop and soul infused tracks. Making for easy listening there is an unmistakable air of vintage soul to the whole EP making it impossible not to sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

And this year, as well as being busy collaborating with some of the biggest names in music, Jorja has also released another single ‘Beautiful Little Fools’. This was written by Jorja at the age of sixteen and inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’, and can undoubtedly be seen as an incredible female anthem. This mellow track really shows the emotion Jorja puts into her music and the effortlessness with which she sings and performs. And here her vocals, so reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, really stand up against the greats of music with such a classic and timeless quality.

Jorja is certainly heading for greatness and we will undoubtedly be hearing plenty more from her across the airwaves. So watch this space and make sure to keep and eye and an ear out for Jorja Smith, as the talented singer and songwriter is certainly going to be coming back with some more incredible hits!

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Written By Stevie Carter

Busk Music Blog

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