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Goosebumps & Killer Vocals… Introducing YEBBA

Goosebumps & Killer Vocals… Introducing YEBBA

Some of you may recognise her by her real and previous stage name Abbey Smith, but for many YEBBA is now the name associated with those tear jerking vocals that dominate her work. At only 22 years old she has caught the attention of Chance the Rapper, Ed Sheeran and more importantly this year, Sam Smith. Not only does her vocal range and writing prowess cry emotion so does the outfit that sits behind the name; have a read below.

Even pushing that aside, you only have to listen to YEBBA’s work and you are instantly drawn into thought, connecting to every letter she sings. This is mainly from her stunning vocals which dip between her chest and head voice allowing her to draw out the emotion she is feeling. Not only does this sound amazing but it allows any audience to resonate with a similar time in their own life; even when they didn’t think they had experienced one. As O’Neil Gerald puts it “she doesn’t just sing notes… and this is what makes her amazing”. Want to see what the fuss is about… carry on reading for the music….

I first came across YEBBA when I was sent a link to a Sofar Sounds session in NYC and for me this is where it all started, have a listen below to her original piece “My Mind”

Now that you’ve had it on replay for at least 3 times you begin to understand the introduction and the love we have for this talented Artist. The video has had over 1.2 Million views to date and countless reaction videos, our favourite has to be with Dem Levants. Just from watching these reactions and the comments in the post you begin to understand the impact that YEBBA has. Sam Smith sums up so well

“Her voice sounds like a heart breaking…… I just wanted to meet her”

It was from this video that YEBBA came to the attention of Sam Smith and saw her career explode further when she featured on Smith’s track “No Peace”. YEBBA is the first Artist to ever feature on one of Smith’s albums and this goes to show the recognition she deserves.

Have a listen to “No Peace” here:

Smith explains the story behind the tracks production and you really begin to hear the fighting of vocals from YEBBA and Smith. This being more so from 2:45 into the final verse which draws the husky vocals to the forefront of the track and cries uncensored feelings. This track definitely has to be one of our favourites from Smith’s new album as it really does challenge his vocals and is complimented by YEBBA.

Towards the end of October YEBBA released her debut single “Evergreen” which honours the one that gave her a life and finally allows her to let go.

The soulful track is co-written by Janee “Jin Jin” Bennett & George Moore, vocally it is a track that really screams emotion yet holds composure in a way which sets it off. From 1:15 into the track you really fall in love with YEBBA’s vocals and are left wanting more when the song finishes.

This is where it gets really exciting as YEBBA is set to release her debut album in Spring of 2018 and frankly speaking if what we have already heard and seen is anything to go off we are dying to hear it. For an Artist from a small town in Arkansas she is definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming year and we will be supporting her the whole way. 

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Written by Andrew Bottomley

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  1. Florence

    A few months ago I wasn’t listening to an artist on Spotify named Fatai. On her radio section I came across “Abbey Smith” featured in the song “Smoke”. I fell in love and was sad to see that was the only song they had of her. I patiently awaited hearing more from her. Fast forward to yesterday and “YEBBA” singing “My mind” comes on my notifications on YouTube. I quickly said she sounded like Abbey but didn’t think much of it while replaying the song about 20 times in one sitting. No lie. So I went to search the connection and behold I see the name is backwards and I come across this beautifully written article. I love how genuine her voice is and I can’t wait to support her journey and Music. I love her style and sound and wish one day I could meet her and get to know her as a person.

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