New Music Alert: Thea Brooks

New Music Alert: Thea Brooks

Here at Busk Music, we’re champions of up and coming musicians. We’ve constantly got our ears to the ground (and Spotify) listening for an act we think has got crazy potential.

Today we want to draw your attention to Thea Brooks

Thea is a singer-songwriter steadily making her mark on the Manchester music scene. Her unique blend of country, folk and rock is sure to get you moving but Thea has something more than the ability to make a crowd dance; relatablity. Listening to her music is a reflective experience and whoever/whatever she’s writing her songs about, they hit a chord with the listener.

She’s just released her debut single, The Life You Left Behind, and it’s an emotional tale of an outside perspective on an unhappy relationship. The track is made up of clear melodies, powerhouse vocals and poignant lyrics challenging anyone to not be moved by the message the song delivers.

The track begins with some soft strumming of Thea’s acoustic guitar and her fierce vocals setting the scene, whilst in the background the sinister sound of an electric guitar drone can be heard suggesting she isn’t going to be telling us a nice story. As we move in to the chorus the overall feel shifts and it becomes a beat that you want to move to but the emotive lyrics are a reminder that this isn’t supposed to be happy. The line “It’s bad enough he’s always in your head, reminding you your past is dead” is a crushing depiction of how easily love can lead to self-destruction.

Thea is currently studying at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute and is no stranger to performing, having graced the stage at venues synonymous with the Manchester music scene; such as The Castle Hotel, Night & Day Cafe and Gorilla. Having booked her to perform at a local acoustic night and seen her on stage at Gorilla, I can confirm she is not to be missed.


To celebrate the release of her new single, Thea will be hosting a launch at Night People in Manchester on 14th March with support from some other great local artists.

The Life You Left Behind is out now and available to listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

Thea’s Socials:

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Written by JD Kinniburgh

Busk Music Blog

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