By now many of you may be familiar with rising music sensation Tom Misch, the London lad who is rapidly gaining a reputation for producing some of the smoothest bests around. Working with artists such as Loyle Carner and Zak Abel on such tracks as Crazy Dream and Beautiful Escape, Tom’s unique sound gives us an impressive fusion of Jazz, hip-hop, funk and indie vibes; with enthralling guitar riffs reminiscent of John Mayer and vocals that are just as enchanting.

I first discovered Tom Misch a few months ago on a picturesque, easy going Sunday afternoon which perfectly complimented the rhythm and vibe of Tom’s music. Stuck inside, I had a chill Soundcloud playlist on shuffle in the background when ‘Movie’ began to play. Instantly I was hooked. The classic, timeless guitar riffs, paired with Tom’s effortless vocals, beautifully echo the sentiment of the song and the ageless theme of lost love; instantly placing you in the back and white of a 1930s romantic movie.

So Far Tom has released four EP’s with there being a natural artistic progression from one project to the next. 2014 heralded the emergence of Tom Misch as he released two projects – his debut EP Beat Tape 1 in the March and a subsequent EP Out to Sea in the December which was a collaboration with singer/songwriter Carmody. Right from the get go these two EPs present two different sides of Tom’s musical style and ability and we are hit with the full force of his talent. Beat Tape 1 Mark’s the release of Tom’s instrumental beats, highlighting his work and skill as a DJ and producer as he infuses elements of soul, Jazz, funk and hip-hop. His following EP with Carmody is the first official release we get with Tom’s vocals; and while we still get a distinct Tom Misch vibe, the sounds is more mellow, raw and instrumental with an indie undertone coming through.

Following on from his successful first releases in 2014, Tom went on to release a follow on from Beat Tape 1, producing Beat Tape 2 in 2015. This saw collaborations with Zak Abel, Sam Wills and Loyle Carner, and here we get the first instance where Tom’s vocals and beats come together on one project to create an authentic Misch sound through and through. And while he maintains his traditional Jazz, funk, indie infused sound, there are undoubtedly influences from the artists he is collaborating with; seen through the splashes of rap, hip-hop and soul throughout. And the sound that we get here is undoubtedly carried through to his next EP 5 Day Mischon (2017).

As of 2018, Tom is currently in the midst of his latest project which is just over a week away from release. This latest project Geography is Tom’s debut album and will feature singles such as Movie  (which has been an instant success), and more collaborations with the incredible Loyle Carner bringing the dream team back together on tracks such as Water Baby. 

So if you are wanting to hear more from Tom Misch and are just as excited by the prospect of new music from the man himself as I am, his upcoming debut album Geography is set to drop on April 6th and is available for pre-order now! And if you are lucky you may even be able to catch him on some of the last international dates of his current tour, or score some tickets for when he is back in the UK at the end of this year.

Find him on social media – @Tommisch

Post By Stevie Carter


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