Writing with Jimmy Napes to Meeting Elton John; We Caught up With Liv Dawson.

Writing with Jimmy Napes to Meeting Elton John; We Caught up With Liv Dawson.

Having followed Liv since 2016 it’s been great to see how far this talented girl has come and even better to see what she has achieved (Soooooo much!!). We first heard “Open Your Eyes” by Liv on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist and we were instantly taken in by that voice and the lyrics penned on the track. Have a listen here:

Since then we have been following Liv and enjoying her new releases such as “Painkiller” and in March her latest release “Talk”, which we have to say has been one of her best to date! (Review to Follow)..

We got 5 minutes to catch up with Liv and put some of your questions to her:

1. In a few words how would you describe your style? 

My style is electronic R&B but it sometimes varies, recently I’ve been enjoying writing a lot of pop songs! It all depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m vibing at the time.

2. We love one of your latest releases “Painkiller”, it’s got such a catchy chorus and when you listen to the lyrics it’s something you can really relate to. What was the deeper motivation behind the track and what is your painkiller when you’re having a bad day?

For painkiller I wanted to be really honest. It’s about a night out gone wrong and things said that you don’t remember and just generally feeling rubbish when you’re hungover and feeling guilty! When I feel rubbish I usually do everything I can to make myself feel better – most of the time I write about what I’ve been going through!

3. You’re now in the public eye more and more, have you ever had a fan girl moment when meeting any of your idols?

The biggest fan girl moment I had was meeting Elton John. I didn’t think I’d get so nervous but I just froze! He’s such a legend.

4. How important do you think the use of social media and online music platforms such as Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, are in the current market in getting noticed?

I think social media is really important nowadays. It’s the key to showing people what you got and what your vibe is.. I always discover so much new music on SoundCloud & Spotify!

5. What’s it been like working with the legendary songwriter Jimmy Napes? (We are a major fan of his work and his skills.)

Jimmy Napes is like a brother to me! We’ve been writing together for a long time now & I’ve taken a lot of his skills into my own writing which is sooooo helpful and I’m so grateful to have learnt so much from him!

6. You recently commented about how it’s important to switch up your style of music, we’ve noticed you’ve moved more towards the electronic genre recently in some tracks such as “Searching”. What direction would you say your music is heading?

I do change my sound as I grow, and depending on what mood I’m in and how I’m feeling ill switch up the vibe. As summer is coming I’m definitely writing more upbeat songs.

7. We hate asking this question as no one can ever answer it but what’s been your favourite festival to perform at so far, and why?

I think my favourite festival to play was probably The Great Escape – which is funny because it was pouring it down with rain yet people still came and watched.

8. We are a sucker for acoustics of originals and we absolutely loved your acoustic of “Light Up” which you featured on originally. It gave the song a totally different vibe, what was the story behind the song?

Light up is literally about getting away from normal life and going on holiday to somewhere fun, I wrote it in the build up to summer and wanted to give that vibe.

9. What can we expect from your album which is set for release in 2018?

My album is something I’m still working on! It’s a long but fun process that’s always taking different turns but there will be a bit more of a pop/electronica vibe!

10. One of our favourite songs form 2016 was “Open Your Eyes”, what was your favourite track you released in 2016?

I think my favourite song I released in 2016 was Tapestry. It’s so close to my heart and it means so much to me, it’s been so nice to see people love it as much as I do.

11. Having just finished your mini UK tour, what was your favourite City to play and why?

My favourite city to play was probably Manchester or London, it was so amazing to see people from Manchester come to my show & know the words to my songs, but being in London is so sick because it’s my home town and I value it so much!

12. Finally we know you love dogs, what’s your favourite dog breed?

I LOVE dogs! My favourite dog breed has to be Frenchie’s ❤ I have a little one named Blue and she’s such a cutie!

Thank you to Liv for answering our questions! We can’t wait to hear what else is to come from 2018 for this girl and wish her the best of luck!

Check out her socials to keep updated on what she’s up to! 👇🏻



Posted By Andrew Bottomley 


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