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You may or may not know him from his YouTube channel RollUpHills, or by his stage name Mvtches. But if you haven’t heard of him yet, there is no doubt that you will very soon become familiar with the name Matt DeFreitas! I have been following his journey for the last few years and he is definitely one to watch!

Matt DeFreitas is an up and coming artist who, over the last few years, has been gaining more and more attention for his incredible YouTube covers, with his channel having accumulated over 340,000 subscribers. Beginning his YouTube journey seven years ago (posing a cover of Mumford and Sons The Cave in April 201), Matt’s channel has continued to grow with his most popular covers including Justin Bieber’s Nothing Like Us and Ed Sheeran Shape of You. Since then, Matt has presented us with an eclectic range of music, covering the likes of Drake, Adele, Twenty One Pilots and The 1975, with each one having a unique Mvtches vibe. During his time on Youtube, Matt has collaborated with several other Youtube artists including Joe Conaboy, Emma Heesters and Spencer Sutherland.

With a unique voice and sound, Matt’s covers are unforgettable with his distinct acoustic, indie, tempo and vibe present on every track. Reminiscent of Ed Sheeran in style, and James Bay in his vocal mood and tone, tracks such as his cover of Ariana Grande’s Into You truly show off the melodic and captivating nature of his voice in its purity and simplicity.

However, following a slight hiatus over the last few months, Matt is back. And to top it off, he has come back to release his debut single and his own, original content. Today, following an announcement earlier this month, Matt’s debut single Touch has dropped, and it does not disappoint. Releasing a slightly darker and more dance inspired track, this marks a departure from the more indie and acoustic based sound we are used to hearing from Matt. However with this more grown up sound, his distinct and unique vocals are definitely not lost and we get a sense of the new, authentic “Mvtches” vibe.

A perfect first single to herald the release of Matt’s original music, we now have a sense of the Mvtches sound, which is current, sultry and easy-going with an underlying acoustic vibe. So definitely go and check out Mvtches debut single Touch and keep up with him on social media.

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Written By Stevie Carter

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