Out with the old, and in with the new. As summer has come to an end and fall is quickly approaching, it’s about that time when we put away our summer playlists and begin the new season with a fresh set of tracks and artists to go along with our crisp mornings and pumpkin spice lattes. So here are a few a few tracks, both new and recent releases, that should definitely be making a feature on your new playlist this fall! 

1.Ella Mai – Boo’d Up

Over the last couple of months, British singer and songwriter Ella Mai has been making waves within the music industry with her ear-catching vocals and R&B vibes. And if you don’t already know, she is definitely one to watch. Earlier this year, Ella released her latest single Boo’d Up, which came off of her third Ep – Ready, and it has been her biggest song so far. Perfect for the autumn, with “cuffing season” fast approaching, the song’s slower and relaxed R&B tempo is ideal for a chill autumn day. And despite being a major song this summer, the track’s theme of new love and being “boo’d up” is perfect to take us into fall! If that wasn’t enough, this song undoubtedly has Ella flexing and showing off her vocal talent, which is sure to have you keeping this track on repeat all autumn long. 

2. Matt DeFreitas (MVTCHES) – Horizon 

The second single from Matt DeFreitas (MVTCHES), and follow up to Touch; new song Horizon definitely does not disappoint. With a similar, sultry energy to Touch, Horizon is another track that focuses on themes of love and infatuation. Released on August 31st 2018, this catchy song is something slightly darker, with a pop and R&B influence, that is perfect to transition your playlist from the high energy anthems of the summer, to something more mellow. And as ever, the track retains MVTCHES’ signature sound and vocals (which are instantly recognisable) and we hear his impressive vocal talent and range really coming through on this irresistible and catchy single. 

3. Oliver Davis – No Sleep

Released on July 24th 2018, this single from Oliver Davis will instantly have you in your feelings. A very mellow and chilled R&B/soul track, this song is the perfect fit for those slower and gloomier autumn days. Giving off a very pensive and tranquil feeling, it’s hard not to relax and slow down when listening to the incredible smooth beats, along side Davis’ impressive vocal range and control. Recently featuring on BBC Music introducing, Davis’ vocal’s are certainly ones to listen out for, with his unique style and voice being a perfect addition to a new playlist this season.  

4. Sam Fender – Dead Boys

A slightly different direction for me, but rock artist Sam Fender has been making a lot of noise within the music scene lately, and is definitely one to keep an eye on over the next couple of months. British singer/songwriter Sam has had an incredible year so far, being named one of BBC’s sound of 2018. Just releasing his 7th single, Dead Boys, this latest track has certainly been catching the eyes and ears of many. A very chilled out rock vibe with an almost acoustic undertone, this is another song that seamlessly reflects the feeling and energy of the new autumn season. With “The Kooks” vibes and Alex Turner-esque vocals, if you are looking for a more mellow track to add to your musical collection this fall, you can’t go wrong with Dead Boys. 

5. Joel Baker – Harder To Fall

A slightly more up-tempo track, Joel Baker’s latest single Harder To Fall is definitely one to have playing this fall. With a catchy, pop-infused melody, the song is hard to resist and even harder to get out of your head. With a title that could not fit better with the season, it is another track about love and relationships that will work seamlessly against the backdrop of the approaching holiday season. So definitely give Joel Baker a listen if you fancy some indie-pop gems in your playlist this autumn, and keep and ear out for more of his up-coming music. 


New season, new playlist, new you. 5 new tracks by 5 new artists, to (pumpkin) spice up your playlist this fall and give you some musical motivation to get you through the autumn months. 

Written By Stevie Carter

Busk Music Blog

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