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New season, new you. Even though summer has come to an end and autumn is here, now is the perfect time to get back to the gym! With a new season, and the post-summer return of our everyday routines, what better time to dust those trainers off and get back into a fitness regime as well! So here are a few tracks by some new talent to take you though your work out, and for you to add to your gym playlist, to inspire you to get back on the treadmill and keep that energy going while you’re working out! 

  1. Warm Up; Alex Aiono – Work The Middle 

Work The Middle by the very talented Alex Aiono, a Youtube artist who has worked closely with William Singe and Conor Maynard, is the perfect track for the start of your work out while you warm up with some light cardio and stretches! The chilled, yet catchy, pop vibe is the perfect light up-beat tempo as you start getting your heart rate rising. And the song’s infectious dance undertone will undoubtedly have you jumping up and wanting to move your feet. 

  1. Cardio; Kehlani – Undercover

Releasing nothing but straight hits, and constantly impressing with her effortless vocals, a gym playlist would not be complete without featuring a track from Kehlani. An up-beat R&B track off her latest album, SweetSexySavage, Undercover is ideal for accompanying a good cardio work out with the song’s solid tempo and pace for you to keep in time to. As well as the infectious beat, the song’s catchy rhythm and lyrics will definitely have you feeling uplifted and wanting to dance and sing along, keeping you motivated to go that extra mile. 

  1. Weights; Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl (Remix)

For a good weights session, a playlist must is a track with a steady rhythm and beat to set a good pace and time for to you keep those reps going! A perfect song for this is a track by Maggie Lindemann, American singer who recently worked with The Vamps; her hit song Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes x CADE Remix). This high energy track will definitely give you that extra bit of motivation to get those muscles working. And with a catchy baseline and steady House beat running underneath, throughout the track, it gives you the perfect rhythm to work to. 

  1. Mid-session crash; Sasha Keable – Only For Tonight

In every work out, we all get to that point where we begin to flag and our energy levels start to drop. This is where a track to give an extra bit of motivation and liveliness to help us power through that mental block is essential! For that extra boost of energy, this is where R&B, Hip-hop singer Sasha Keable has got your back. Throwing it back to an older 2013 track which she featured on, Only For Tonight (by DJ Zinc), this will have you back up again and ready to keep on going. This high-tempo dance track, with an irresistible catchy hook and baseline, is the perfect thing to raise your spirits, bring back the energy, and get you though that mid-session slump. 

  1. HIIT; Shift K3y – Name & Number

Everyone’s absolute worst favourite thing to do! A HIIT (high intensity interval training) work out! This is one part of a work out where the perfect track is definitely essential, with timing and a good rhythm being everything. Here, a track that works as a perfect playlist addition is another throwback; Dance/Electronic track by London artist Shift K3y, Name & Number. Not only will the high-energy dance beat keep you going through the high intensity intervals, but the overall positive and up-beat vibe throughout the song will keep you motivated throughout the whole session. But most significantly, the slight rise and fall of the song’s energy across the chorus and verses makes it a perfect track for interval training! 

  1. Cool Down; John Concepcion – So Bad

And finally, for the all important cool down! My cool down playlist addition is an original song from Canadian YouTube cover artist John Conception; his latest release, So Bad. With an upbeat, yet slightly more mellow tempo and vibe, this pop/R&B track is ideal to carry you through to the end of your work out session, with the return to a more chill musical feel perfect to accompany your slowing hear rate. The up-tempo pop undertone however is still ideal for keeping your energy up and that motivation going until the end! 


* Bonus artist * – PrettyMuch 

For an added bonus, one artist who would make a great edition to gym playlists everywhere is American/Canadian band PrettyMuch. Since coming together in 2016, the band began gaining much attention on social media last year with their covers of songs and dance videos. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength following their steady release of original music since late last year. With a pop and R&B vibe, their tracks are up-beat, irresistibly catchy and all infused with a signature PrettyMuch flare. Releasing non-stop hits perfect for the gym and getting you up on your feet; tracks Teacher, 10,000 Hours, Would You Mind and their latest recent single Solita, in particular, are definite gym playlist musts! 

Written By Stevie Carter

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