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Introducing Bleach Boy

Introducing Bleach Boy

Having concocted the familiar sounds of grunge and alternative rock, Bleach Boy have raised the decibels in the Manchester music scene. Calibrating their gloomy vocals with fuzzy strings and crashing cymbals, all make the experience of listening to them recognisable; yet enchanting to see what unfolds. Despite their rapid insertion into the northern heart of alternative music, Bleach Boy have also bewitched crowds in other great cities, such as Newcastle upon Tyne. Presenting their melancholy attitude adjacent to their blustering vigour, gives goosebumps, whether you’re expecting the intensity or not. With 2019 flourishing, Bleach Boy is definitely worth keeping an ear out for … you will be able to hear them!

The 4-piece were socially established in early 2018. Milo (vocals), Tommi (guitar), Sam (bass) and Cian (drums) have all come from different parts of the UK; however, they are based in Manchester. Facing the developing music spectacle within this city, Bleach Boy were never fazed by the limits of the stage. As for many bands that present live music with such raw passion and cynical overdrive, the quartet continues to awe audiences; and are not afraid to spill blood, sweat or tears along the way.

Bleach Boys | Busk Music

As a relatively new outfit to the independent music industry, Bleach Boy’s first single came in quick succession after they were officially recognised online. Death Row captures the incarcerated journey of emotion that soon accompanies an obvious circumstance. Beginning in anguish, the vocals reflect in an almost storytelling kind of way; this is surrounded in an atmospheric hum by the other instruments. This stripped layer of sound compliments the ongoing build-up that drives the song into an outburst of fuzz and a desperate expression. Bleach Boy enforces the punk-like excitement to go wild at the end of this track, the distorted vocals transmit across each instrument and creates a storm within the middle 8. The extent of passion this song creates has you moving whether you stream it or have the privilege to see it live.

Bleach Boys | Busk Music

After the prominent recognition this debut single received, Bleach Boy were quick to follow up with a music video directed and edited by Sam O’Leary. Set on a beach, the visualisation of summer-time joy is not what is being captured. Yet the cold acceptance of telling a tale that ‘gets out of hand’ is what is. This is both acted and performed brilliantly by the vocalist who leads this bombastic exposure for the upcoming grunge band. Check it out on YouTube.

Obvious ones to watch in this coming year, Bleach Boy have plans beyond their solid debut to the alternative music scene. Death Row has given us insight into what fascinations are to follow in the future. To keep up to date with the lads don’t hesitate to give them a follow on their social media and get to know when new music is on its way!

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Written by James Hinchliffe


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