New Music Friday Roundup – 25/01/19

New Music Friday Roundup – 25/01/19

Fridays are the best – all the new music from the week is properly released and streaming services create playlists for you to enjoy all the new musical goodness all in one go. We’ve sifted through some of the new releases and picked out some of our highlights, ranging from rock anthems to a throwback to a radio-dominating, weird tune.

Some tracks are released gradually throughout the week instead of it all happening on Friday, but it’s now the traditional way of reviewing new music as they battle for chart positions over the next seven days.

There’s a lot to take in. So let’s get started.


A violent, busy, heavy rock track featuring classic Don Broco vocal switches between a bit of shouting and a bit of whispering. Mixture of electronic music and crunching riffs prove it’s their rock veins shining through, but there’s a few elements of hip hop peeping through when they get the chance.

Florence + The Machine – Moderation

A somewhat surprise release from Florence and her clan, ‘Moderation’ comes with B-Side ‘Haunted House’ and they’re both quintessential Florence. The former features a strong piano lead before launching into some soulful backing vocals, while the latter is less than two minutes long and gives Florence the platform to show off more of her vocal talent.

Dua Lipa – Swan Song

Pop princess Dua Lipa has released a track for the film Alita: Battle Angel. As always for Dua, she provides the lead voice to inspire a whole generation, and although part of a big film production with some busy music in the background, her vocals always take centre stage.

Bring Me The Horizon – amo

The first big album of 2019 that everyone has been waiting for. BMTH have a lot to live up to; That’s The Spirit rocketed them up to near-festival headline status, and singles ‘MANTRA’ and ‘Medicine’ have been increasing the excitement in the build-up to the release of amo. After an opening track that sounds like it would be a perfect concert starter, we’re launched immediately into ‘MANTRA’’s epic riffs and the heaviness continues throughout the album. But there’s also a lot of different sounds to explore and enjoy. Similar to Don Broco, there’s a lot of electronic music in there and a bit of hip hop, with Oli Sykes’ ability to go from screamo to rapper in an instant.

Foals – Exits

The return of the mighty Foals. ‘Exits’ is the first snippet we have from their two forthcoming albums for 2019 and you can decide whether you’d like an edited version or the full on six-minuter. Either way, the first couple of seconds might convince you they’ve taken a weird, jazzy piano route since the departure of their bassist, but a fast drumbeat then kicks in and we’re reintroduced to Foals’ guitars. It’s taken its genes from their first couple of albums more than What Went Down, and there’s also a mystical piano loop that hints at there being so much more to come.

Rudimental – Toast To Our Differences

This whole album from drum and bass group Rudimental is so full of different songs and special guests that it would be impossible to give a broad summary. The best thing we can do is list some of the artists involved and let you discover the magic yourself. So here you go: Protoje, Anne-Marie, Jess Glynne, Major Lazer, Tom Walker, Macklemore, James Arthur, Rita Ora, Maverick Sabre and SO MANY MORE.

Ward Thomas – It’s Not Just Me

You can guarantee happy vibes from Ward Thomas. Usually a mixture of Little Mix and Taylor Swift, this latest offering is more like a chill Dua Lipa. However you compare them, Ward Thomas are a fantastic duo in their own right and are soon embarking on a tour of the UK. ‘It’s Not Just Me’ features some country guitars and two vocals coming together to give optimism during times of difficulty.

X Ambassadors – BOOM

X Ambassadors can offer up anything from minimal, soulful vocals to full on indie bangers, so ‘BOOM’’s variety should come as no surprise. If you know the music of Mika (a huge throwback), you’ll understand when we compare some of the opening vocals to him, but then a wicked guitar riff comes in and suddenly we move to late night, industrial alt-rock music. But then we go back to pop again. It’s great.

Yolanda Be Cool – Dance And Chant

Remember ‘We Speak No Americano’? They’re back! Of course we had to include this. If picked up by some mainstream radio stations and given the support that tunes like Major Lazer and George Ezra received, we can guarantee you’ll be hearing this Yolanda Be Cool song a lot more. It fits right in with the current radio sound and also has those classic trumpets from their banger of the past.

Written by Oscar La-Gambina


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