The Tribe Returns: The Amazons Release ‘Mother’

The Amazons have returned with their first new music since their debut, self-titled album rocketed into the Top 10 a couple of years ago. Don’t be scared – you’ll love it.

Talking to Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Radio X’s Gordon Smart, Matt and Joe from the band revealed some details about the recording process in addition to what’s coming up soon. Their next album, as yet untitled, they say could be released during the summer, similar to the June release of The Amazons. It was certainly an appropriate time given their feel-good, colourful, indie rock anthemic choruses suiting the sun and barbecues extremely well.

For this new track, however, that scenario seems a bit too light and dainty. ‘Mother’ is the name of the five-minute colossus, although almost a fifth of that is just an intro back in to the band. A slowly amplified drumbeat with stray guitars, before the main riff of the song kicks in. And boy, is it heavy. To continue our barbecue analogy, this guitar riff is DELICIOUS.

It’s classic stuff from The Amazons which is tricky to summarise. If you’re a fan of the first album then you’ll recognise it’s the Reading quarter instantaneously, however if you’re new to the band, it could easily be mistaken for a track on Royal Blood’s How Did We Get So Dark?

Back to the foods, the introduction of a high-pitched chant to accompany this tasty riff is the cream on top of our new Amazons cake. Remember, this is before the singing has even started.

Discussing how the new album was made, the band revealed they’d gone somewhere in Wales and gave each other their company and nobody else throughout the time period. Going for walks and exploring the scenery in the day, then riffing and drumming and recording in the evening, this lifestyle has certainly made its mark on the track.

Lead singer Matt sings about peer pressure and how us humans can easily be influenced by what we see on social media, presenting to us a false grip on reality. It’s sung in a tone only Amazons Matt can do, and with that comes a unique take on a topic that’s not exactly far from the limelight at the moment.

In a wonderful character trait for The Amazons, like they did on their first album, the song doesn’t end too soon. I mean, it’s a fantastic track so coming to the end will always bring the thought “oh, better go back to the start of that!” However, it’s just over five minutes long so we get enough time to take in the huge guitars and vocals and drums, in a tactic that’s ever so slightly missing from the aforementioned Royal Blood, sometimes.

Of course, the Brighton duo are mesmerising live and always give their fans more than they could ever wish for during shows, but on the actual album recorded version, ‘Out Of The Black’ wouldn’t be harmed by an extra 30 seconds or so of that damn riff.

So a triumphant return for The Amazons. Like Nothing But Thieves, they’re going deeper and darker into their sound across the next few months, and if you missed them the first time round, make sure you get on board now before they do a George Ezra and explode into O2 Arena headliners. Our tribe is back.

Written by Oscar La-Gambina


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