A four piece band from Wellington New Zealand, the pop/R&B/Jazz group from down under seem to be going from strength to strength, and can do no wrong, as they hit it out of the part with every new release. Starting as a busking duo back in 2014 with only Matt Beachen on drums and Shaan Singh on sax, the Drax Project derived its name from these humble origins with Drax being an amalgamation of drums and sax. Busking, and mostly performing pop covers in between gigs at local bars and events, the pair were joined by bassist Sam Thomson. A year later the final member of the group, Ben O’Leary who plays guitar, joined the band and they moved to creating original material.

Back in August 2014, the band released their first EP, Drax Project EP. This was released to Bandcamp, an American online music company, with the exposure enabling them to book two summer festivals over 2014 and 2015. After a brief break, in 2016 the band released their second EP, T/W/OO, which featured tracks such as Cold and Came to Me. This was quickly followed up with the release of another EP, Covers (Live), the following year. This featured some incredible covers (all infused with an undeniable Drax Project edge ) of some of their best known covers including tracks such as Genuine’s Pony and Disclosure’s Latch. However last year, they  released their biggest project to date reaching 10 on the New Zealand charts. This was another EP, titled Noon, featuring hit tracks Woke Up Late and Toto.

Would definitely recommend all!

Ahead of the release of their 2018 EP Noon, the band released the single Woke Up Late off of the upcoming project. This track saw massive success and by April, it had been certified platinum by the RIANZ (recording industry association of New Zealand). The success of the track has now inspired the bands most recent release which they dropped last month. This was a new version of the track Woke Up Late, featuring Hailee Steinfeld. 

Woke up Late

Woke Up Late has an uptempo but mellow beat, reminiscent of Toto, running through the track. Very light and feel good, the song is undoubtedly a summer anthem and is certainly a perfect addition to any uplifting or summer playlist. And you will definitely need to prepare for having this track stuck in your head, with its incredibly infectious hook and chorus which feature some stunning vocals and falsettos. The new remix released last month, featuring Hailee Steinfeld, adds a fresh spin on a favourite track; with Hailee’s vocals adding some beautiful harmonies and a new energy to the song. Still similar to the original, the song retains the classic Drax Project vibe, with Hailee’s vocals just adding a little something extra. 

Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfeld

So if you’re looking for a track to get you through the cold winter months and looking to the summer ahead, Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfeld is the perfect song. And don’t forget to check out The Drax Project for more incredible music!

Written By Stevie Carter

Busk Music Blog

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