This Friday has definitely marked a fantastic start to the weekend, with the release of two new tracks that both deserve an immediate spot on your current summer playlist. The first is new track from incredible singer-songwriter, MVTCHES, with his new track Goodbyes. The second is another surprise release, and instant hit, from the queen of pop herself, Ariana Grande, with hew new track Boyfriend


First up is new track from London based singer-songwriter MVTCHES. His latest track, Goodbyes,  follows on from the release of his previous single, Give In, at the end of June; which is also definitely worth a listen. Goodbyes is another classic MVTCHES track, embodying his particular laid-back, indie-acoustic vibe; with his effortless vocals consistently shining through and creating a stunningly emotional atmosphere. Maintaining the romantic theme, of which his songs tend to follow; Goodbyes is another exquisitely beautiful track that discusses the theme of constantly making and braking up within a relationship, and the heartache of constantly saying goodbye to this person that you love, with it hitting you just as hard every time. In addition to the incredibly catchy chorus, and the gentle build of the raw and more acoustic instrumental, are the equally beautiful lyrics. Most poignant are the lyrics at the beginning of the chorus: “We make and break up all the time. I’ll keep pretending that I’ll be alright”. Another incredible track from MVTCHES, this is definitely a perfect track for a chill summer playlist. 

Ariana Grande 

’cause I know we be so complicated

But we be so smitten, it’s crazy

Next up, is the latest track by the woman who can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to dropping hit after hit; Ariana Grande. With another single to come seemingly out of nowhere, her newest track, Boyfriend, complete with an accompanying music video, is once again an absolute home run. Teaming up with her good friends, tour support artist, and hit album Thank U, Next collaborators, Social House, for this next smash hit; this, and Monopoly with Victoria Monet, mark a seamless transition from Thank U, Next to Ariana’s next era of music. Continuing on a more R&B, soul vibe; Boyfriend has an instantly catchy R&B beat, with some perfectly matched synth undertones. Smooth and chill, this track is such an easy and feel good listen. And while of course there are some classic Ariana vocals throughout the song, this track seems to be more about the music, the vibe and the sound. Developing the themes presented in Thank U, Next and Monopoly; Ariana is progressing this era of self-love and self-identity by playing with the idea of a relationship, and the uncertainly of what one may want. This is reflected in the complicated relationship depicted in the track, with its main theme being the ever relatable dilemma of dating causally, but wanting more while being afraid to take that leap. With some incredible verses from Social House on the track as well, and another stunning, fun and unique music video from Hannah Lux Davis; this is one song you’ll have on loop all summer long. 

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