Nina Nesbitt Live – Bringing Delamere Forest to Life

Nina Nesbitt Live – Bringing Delamere Forest to Life

The sun certainly didn’t shine on Sunday night at Delamere Forest for the Jess Glynne concert. However Nina Nesbitt took to the stage shortly after 7:45pm to blow the crowds away with tracks from her stunning album “The Sun Will Come up, The Seasons Will Change”.

As an incredibly talented songwriter, Nesbitt has been working with many other artist’s for a number of year’s, notably the likes of Jessie Ware and Don Diablo. However taking the time to step back and focus on herself, Nesbitt released her latest album at the start of 2019, “The Sun Will Come up”.

With the album having been in the making for over 3 year’s it’s a true nod to the ear-catching vocals and songwriting prowess of Nesbitt. It’s blatantly obvious to see how this talented artist has really come into her own over the last few year’s, following on from her debut album release, Peroxide, back in 2014.

During the show Nesbitt performed a select few from her album including one of her most well known and her favourite tracks “The Best You Had”. Speaking to the crowd, Nesbitt explained her love for the track and its meaning which many in the crowd could easily relate to; to sum this up in one word:


The situation where you first see your ex’s new partner but it’s ok as long as they aren’t as good as you; but what do you do when they are…. A mixed track, entailed with self confidence, ego and pride, performed beautifully.

Nesbitt later went on to perform “Colder” which was another track which both lyrically and vocally brought a new understanding to the words – it’s over. Nesbitt has spoken in the past about this track which is written around the situation of a break up and its aftermath. The feeling of watching people so carelessly and easily fall in love but not being able to do the same from past experiences. Only to know that feeling of being cautious and careful when ever falling in love again..

Nesbitt also performed a cover of Britney Spears “Toxic”, with her own spin on the chart topping original, which brought the washout crowd back to life.

Towards the end of her set Nesbitt went on to perform her original track “Loyal to Me”, one we here have coined the “Fuckboy Checklist”. As Nesbitt has previously described this track is a literal list all of the warning signs and symptoms anyone should look out for when you start to get that uneasy feeling of dating a “Fuckboy” or “Fuckgirl”. One of Nesbitt’s more upbeat tracks it was met with great reception as the crowd got involved to finish the set.

Nesbitt is definitely a stunning artist in her own right, both vocally and lyrically, and someone to really keep an eye on as this girl continues to storm the industry.

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