The 1975 are back with new punk track “People”

From indie guitar dreams to extreme 80s synth pop, the 1975 were close to covering all genres, yet they have managed to shock us again with the release of the new emo album’s first single “People”.

The single features alongside the traditional opening track “the 1975” which for their 4th studio album features climate activist Greta Thunberg’s message. “Now is not the time for speaking politely or focusing on what we can or cannot say. Now is the time to speak clearly. It is the time to rebel”. The track is a unique but excellent collaboration between screeching punk and an imperative message surrounding the future of our planet. Matty Healy has used it platform rather positively whilst working alongside Extinction Rebellion this year.

The music video released alongside the track explores all punk and emo rockstar stereotypes. Healy features channeling major Marilyn Manson vibes with overly modern eyesores of neon colours and emojis. It is a vomit of millennial trash, with echoes of their 2016 video for “the Sound” all about the monstrosity of the internet with new generations.

Old fans of the 1975 will be excited to hear rock roots coming back in full force: this time with fuzzy, abrasive punk tones assembled with Healy’s snarling, barking and cries. It makes for an incredibly punchy and fierce track, something that is sure to wake you up, as the opening lines wail.

Love them or hate them, the 1975 are up to something big and loud with this album which could be a big voice for change. The album is out early 2020.

Written by Tilda Gratton

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