Yorkshire born singer-songwriter Holly Lapsley Fletcher, better known as Låpsley, is back with some fresh new tunes. Earlier this week after a long wait, with Låpsley having been quiet on the music release front since 2016; she released her latest single and first track of 2019 – My Love Was Like The Rain. This is the first release off of her upcoming EP, These Elements, expected to drop on November 22. 

A perfect follow on from her last project (her debut album Long Way Home, released March 2016); My Love Was Like The Rain retains her emotional, electronic, synth-pop sound. And it works as the ideal track to bring us back into Låpsley’s musical realm, and ease us into her new era of music after some time away. 

Her upcoming EP, which My Love Was Like The Rain is taken from; is a four track EP, designed to take the listener on an emotional journey and detail various states of mind. Emotional love, physical desire, depression and self-worth, are the four states of mind, or “elements”, that the EP tracks are set to reflect. With Låpsley herself stating these songs are a mirror of “everything [she’s] gone through in the last four years”, the emotion exuding from these songs is sure to be deep, raw and real. 

Emotional love, physical desire, depression and self-worth. Everything I’ve gone through in the last four years is in these four songs.

Låpsley on her upcoming EP, These Elements

Kicking off the EP with My Love Was Like The Rain, this track can be seen to reflect the themes of emotional love and depression as it looks at the contradictions, beauty and deep emotion of love. With the song arguably detailing a point of view of self love, and love within a romantic relationship. While still projecting Låpsley’s distinct sound and vibe; the track definitely has more of a mellow, low-tempo energy, with less obvious and distinct electronic and EDM beats than some of her previous songs. However this does work as a refection of, and fits in with, the more raw and emotional content and energy Låpsley is putting out with this track and upcoming EP. 

With an entrancing ethereal atmosphere, the song plays almost like a modern-synth pop lullaby, poetically detailing all the beautiful and indecisive forms love takes. The contradicting images of love that Låpsley depicts through the lyrics, are also deeply entrenched within the melody. This can be seen through the juxtaposing playfulness of the music, embedded with light airy synth vibes and a catchy drum beat, against the moodiness of the songs overall tone – a perfect image of how love is presented in this track. This can also be seen though the lyrical repetition used, with Låpsley beginning each of the main verses with the phrase “remember when you said/ My love was like…”; and comparing her love, not to the “sweet” or “tropical” kind of love, but the juxtaposing “pain”, “arctic” and “unknown black” kind of love.    

With a more melancholy, chilled vibe; My Love Was Like The Rain works as a perfect refection of the autumn/winter months, and is a definite must have for your “new in fall” playlist. And don’t forget to pre-order Låpsley’s EP, coming out next month, to be the first to hear more of what I’m sure will be incredible new music. And if next month is just not soon enough, then definitely go and give her earlier EP’s another listen and keep up to date with all things Låpsley on her socials

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