Back at it again with the hottest new releases! One of the best new artists’ coming out of New Zealand right now, Drax Project, are back and better than ever with brand new music and their signature Drax Project Sound. After much anticipation, last Friday the wait was finally over as their debut, self titled, album was released. Featuring their stand out hit singles All This Time, Woke Up Late, and other tracks off of their earlier EPs (Noon and Noon (acoustic)); they also debuted some new tracks which definitely did not disappoint, and are certain to become favourites on your playlists this autumn. 

While keeping some familiar songs such as Prefer, Only Us and Toto; the new tracks on the album are by no means overshadowed. Instead, they fit in perfectly with the Drax Project vibe that we already know and love, and blend with the familiar tracks to gently highlight a new element and progression of the bands sound. Sticking to similar themes, the album focuses on topics of love and relationships in an upbeat, indie-pop manner; infused with elements of jazz, R&B and early 2000s pop vibes. 

The album opens on a strong note with the first track being their hit summer single Woke Up Late (feat. Hailee Steinfeld), followed by another familiar track, and fan favourite, Prefer. The perfect intro to their debut album; these upbeat, classically Drax Project tracks, nicely set the tone for the rest of the album. 

Track 3 – Smart Love

This is the first of the new tracks we’re hearing from Drax Project off of this project. Definitely in keeping with typical Drax Project vibe, Smart Love is reminiscent of Only Us in its upbeat indie melody and the distinct guitar beat running throughout. A chill mellow sound and catchy beat, it’s definitely one that’s going to be stuck in your head, and is certain to be a crowd favourite and one to have everyone dancing. 

Track 4 – Relax 

This is a slightly more low-tempo track that has a bit of a darker vibe, which fits in with the song’s more subdued theme of people stressing out about, and questioning, what’s going on in their relationship. This is also where we begin to see a new side of Drax Project’s sound, and we begin to get more of a throwback pop sound and some slight R&B elements coming through. With Justin Timberlake Cry Me A River vibes, this slower melody will definitely get you all in your feelings. 

You just gotta learn to relax,

Gotta get off my back

Nothing wrong with my intentions

Drax Project – Relax

Track 5 –  Natural Selection

The perfect follow on from Relax, there’s a continuation of the darker, edgier, throwback pop and R&B sound, with the R&B influences being the most distinct on this track. However unlike Relax, which has more of a heavyhearted, mellow vibe; Natural Selection has a lot more energy and intense emotion, with the bluesy sax sound coming through strong. This track definitely has a more mature sound and is a perfect autumn bop! 

Tracks 6 and 7 – Brain and Holiday take it back to a more classic Drax Project sound; a more light hearted, up-tempo, indie-pop track, with jazz and dance influences. Continuing the romantic theme running throughout the album, these are two more easy listening, relatable songs about love, romance, heartache and relationships.

The album continues with a few more familiar favourites including Toto and All This Time; ending the project on a therapeutically chill and mellow vibe, with new release, Catching Feelings (feat. Six60). This is one track in particular that really shows off lead singer, Shaan’s, vocals and infuses a more distinct R&B sound. A perfect track to end the album on, the relaxed blues, R&B vibes leaves you ending the album on a perfectly calm and blissed out note; definitely helped by the absolutely stunning jazz, almost gospel-esque outro, accompanied by some incredible sax and piano melodies. 

So definitely check out this incredible new project from Drax Project, and keep an eye out on all their socials (@DraxProject) for their upcoming tour dates as seeing them live is something you absolutely won’t want to miss. 

Written By Stevie Carter

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