Back at it again! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had any new music from Justin Bieber; but after more than four years of waiting, Justin is back and creating major buzz within the music scene as he gets us ready for new music. He’s back with a whole new album titled, Changes, which is set to drop on Valentine’s Day its self; so there’s only two more weeks until we get to hear the 17 track project in full. 

Following on from the debut single, Yummy, off of the upcoming album, Justin kicked off the week by releasing single number two – Get Me, which features none other than a huge favourite here on Busk, Kehlani. Marking a change from Yummy, with its subtle traps beats and mellow tempo; Get Me seems to take more of its influence from featured artist Kehlani‘s musical background, with its smoother and gentler R&B direction. This track also marks the first collab between the two hit makers, and fingers crossed we will see the two of them working on more songs together in the future. 

Keeping with the same theme we get in Yummy, this latest release is another track focused on themes of love and romance, with Justin and Kehlani singing melodies about the euphoria and astonishment you feel when you find that deeper connection with someone. Musically, there are definite distinct R&B vibes which throw back to a 90s mood, with a slight modern edge. Although, for those Kehlani fans, this is a sound and style we are used to hearing on her tracks; and her vocals here feel particularly reminiscent of her earlier projects, in particular, her 2015 You Should Be Here album with her soft and sweet R&B vocals.  

Right from the get go, Justin and Kehlani draw us in with an infectious drum beat and quite a simple, relaxing R&B melody flowing throughout, which really allows their vocals to be the stand of feature on this track. This works even more perfectly with there being some incredible blended harmonies between the two singers which are too sweet on the eardrums to miss. With not a whole lot of variation in the actual music on the track, with just a soothing, repetitive, slightly moody beat running throughout; the song has you almost in a mellowed out trance. Lasting for 2 minutes or 5, the sheer consistency of the entire track just enables you to zone out, and it comes as a shock when the song comes to a gentle end (after only 3 minutes 4 seconds). 

With the two artist’s vocals blending so seamlessly together, it’s easy to forget Kehlani is only a feature on the single as her voice fits so naturally with track’s overall sound, and her velvety harmonies blend so well with Justin’s; neither one overshadowing the other. The seemingly perfect nature of this pairing fits in with, and reflects so flawlessly, the themes and lyrics of the song; with lyrics such as “It feels like we’re on the same wave” and “there’s so much chemistry / Like a chemist how you finishin’ my sentences / In the center, no, we can’t deny the synergy”. 

Like a chemist how you finishin’ my sentences

Justin Bieber Ft. Kehlani – Get Me

This track, in addition to Yummy, definitely seems to be setting the tone for the upcoming album, and appears to mark a shift in Justin’s generic style away from a more conventional and pure pop sound towards a R&B vibe. So definitely give this new hit track a listen, and put a big red cross in your calendar for February 14th when Justin’s new album will drop, to hear what I’m sure with be more addictive tunes and see what surprises this new project will have in store for us! 

Posted By Stevie Carter

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