Reaching New HYYTS: The Two Piece Super Duo

Reaching New HYYTS: The Two Piece Super Duo

Super Duo, Adam & Sam Hunter have known each other since childhood having grown up in Glasgow but only started to produce music together 5 years ago in 2015. After being spotted by Gary Clark from a YouTube video at a stag party, they were invited to work with Clark and the rest has since become history. The Duo signed to Warner Music back in July 2019 and have recently released their debut EP conveniently titled ‘eepee’.

We got sometime to catch up with the boys and have a chat about their success so far, their debut EP ‘eepee’ and whats to come in 2020 for HYYTS…. ENJOY!

BM: ‘We make pop music’ – For those that don’t know you already, introduce yourselves and tell us a bit more about the two piece super duo that is HYYTS.

HYYTS: hi! We’re HYYTS – our names are Adam and Sam and we’re a ‘two piece super duo’ (we’re definitely using that,) from Glasgow who love weird pop music 🙂

BM: 2nd July 2019 – Explain that day and what it meant to you both.

HYYTS: Haha I had to look up what happened on that day just there! So that was the day we signed a record deal with Warner music- still hasn’t really sunk in to be honest. We’re very aware that this is the kind of job that doesn’t always last forever and we’re also just so happy to be here that when we got the offer to sign a big mad record deal it felt like the right thing to do. It’s still mental to have this be a proper job as we’d both be doing it for free either way. But yeah all the people at Warner are so nice to us and it’s just been a big crazy laugh so far!

BM: Your first 5 track EP, with the best title, ‘eepee’ was released towards the end of last year which we totally rate. Each track vibes off in a different direction, even when you think you know the next lyric or beat you’re taken off in another direction. Truly showing off your talent and scope of style. What was the message you wanted to get across with this release?

HYYTS: That’s a good question! We love being able to do lots of different things and stay free creatively- to us HYYTS has always felt like a totally eclectic project so we’re very chuffed you like that! I guess the overriding message is about self-destruction; that feeling of loving the thing that’s messing you up- whether it’s a person or a substance or anything really. We were also keen that a lot of the songs seem like simple pop songs on the surface and then have a bit of a darker underside on repeated listens- we love that pop music is getting weird and dark again and to be a wee part of that is the best thing ever.

BM: How has your childhood influenced your work and creative drive, if at all?

HYYTS: It definitely has! Our parents are really into all different kinds of music so we both grew up with loads of different stuff. My parents were hugely into disco and Sam’s parents were really into weird pop and dance music so that definitely had an effect. We’re also super lucky that our parents were really supportive of us going off and not getting real jobs lol. I guess it paid off on the end but there were a couple of years when it was a bit ropey!

BM: You’re becoming really well known for your dream like song writing skills. How does your creative process start in recording a track and what has been your favourite track to write from you EP and why?

HYYTS: Another fab question! It’s different every time and now that we’re working with loads of different amazing people you get used to all the different ways of doing it. A lot of the time Sam will have a vibe production wise and maybe some melodies and then I’ll take over on the lyrics but sometimes it’s the other way around so it really depends on the day of the week! We mostly just sit in a tiny dark room in our flat that’s crowded with instruments and drink litres of tea while making each other laugh, it’s pretty fun lol. Ooh I couldn’t pick a favourite tbh! Breaking into heaven is really fun to play love and it was a lot of fun to work on. Also bullet was a really special experience cos you don’t always know when you’ve done something really good as it takes ages to get everything in the right place but bullet was pretty instant.

BM: What has been it been like working with Gary Clark and how has he influenced your work and the group you are today?

HYYTS: Working with Gary Clark has been the best possible apprenticeship anyone could ask for. Gary is a genius and when we were in Dundee him and his wife Alison kind of became our family. He taught us everything we know 🙂

BM: Trying to choose our favourite track from your work is hard! ‘Bullet’ was the first track we ever heard from you guys but we also love ‘Over Bridges’, both have their own feel and hook which leaves you singing it hours after listening. What were the stories behind these different tracks?

HYYTS: Aw thanks!! It’s still so mad to us that people listen to them haha! ‘Over Bridges’ is all about the idea of home and coming home- the question of whether home is something you’re born with or you find or you choose. And all that was kinda based around the two bridges that lead into Dundee and our time living there. ‘Bullet’ is all about the self destruction that I mentioned earlier- that feeling of being in love with something that’s destroying you.

BM: You’ve recently bagged a slot at this years ‘The Road To The Great Escape’ which highlights a handful of incredible emerging artists each year. Firstly congratulations, we can’t wait to see that look of pure happiness on stage again! From this which other emerging talent do you look to in the industry and think need to be known?

HYYTS: Aw that’s so lovely of you to say, playing live is our fave thing! There’s so much amazing emerging talent right now- we love a band called VanIves and a solo artist called Zoe Graham especially but there’s so much great stuff. Another band called Beta Waves are also class and our best pals Jack Brotherhood are another band to watch out for!

BM: Music is such a creative and expressive avenue to be able to create a living out of. What do you want people to get from your music and story?

HYYTS: It really is! It’s such a dream to be able to do this for a job. We’ve been so lucky in our lives to be supported by friends and family to be able to do whatever we wanted and we just want to spread the love. Music as a form of rehabilitation is something we’re really passionate about so just creating a wee bit for people to come and close their eyes and dance for an hour or so seems enough 🙂

BM: Signing a record deal for many artists is seen as the end goal in their career but it is only the start for you guys! What can we expect from HYYTS for the rest of 2020?

HYYTS: It is! The hustle has only just begun! We’ve got so so much new music and loads of videos planned as well! And some really really exciting gigs too! So more of the same basically, can’t wait to see yous all there! 🙂

Lots of love,

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