Last Month, Madison blessed our playlists with some new music as she released the single, Good In Goodbye, off of her debut album, Life Support. An absolute hit, the track definitely seems to have set the tone for her upcoming album with its slightly darker vibe and break-up theme. Today, Madison is back with more music, and the next release off of Life Support; second single – Selfish. The latest single, which the singer has been teasing on social media over the past week, has also been accompanied by another music video and more stunning visuals. 

With a vibe that’s less moody and dark than Good In Goodbye, which, as Madison mentioned, captured and set the mood for her upcoming album and music; Selfish still definitely maintains the themes of break-ups and heart ache that is going to prominent across Life Support, albeit in a more subdued, low-tempo and melancholy vibe. With a dramatic orchestral string instrumental for the intro, the track maintains this gentle, yet grand, energy throughout. More melancholic than dark, it still retains the slower tempo we’re getting from Madison that we also see on Good in Goodbye; reflecting the darker and more subdued and blue energy, themes and emotions this album is projecting. Selfish is definitely more of a traditional break-up track, with a soft instrumental that place Madison’s heart-felt vocals and emotional lyrics at the forefront of the song. And here, we get more of a classic heartbreak narrative; detailing a situation of being in a relationship with, and loving someone, who is only really focused on themselves. This is one track where Madison’s vocals are the true focus of the song; and her falsettos and key-changes are right at the forefront, truly stunning and emotive. 

Shouldn’t love you, but I couldn’t help it

Had a feeling that you never felt it

I always knew that you were too damn selfish

Madison Beer – selfish

As well as releasing the track, Madison also dropped another music video to go along with it. Compared to her last few music videos – Dear Society and Good In Goodbye; Madison has taken a very different approach with Selfish. Making the perfect visual accompaniment to the raw and stripped back track; the visuals are simple and minimal, yet still very raw, dramatic and emotional. The video is a simple visual of Madison singing, placed against a gloomy, dark background; and displaying the emotion the song is projecting as she cries through her performance, featuring some dramatic rain fall towards the end. 

With more singles being released off of her debut album, Life Support, make sure to check in on Madison’s socials to make sure you don’t miss the next release and any new music announcements. And definitely go and give her latest releases a listen, which are perfect for these dark, gloomy winter days. 

Posted By Stevie Carter

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