Nothing is better for getting over that mid-week slump than some new music to fill your playlist. And this week, the incredible Tom Misch has delivered; back with his first release of the year. After teasing us yesterday evening on social media with news of a surprise new music release and exciting announcement, the long 24 hour wait is finally over. This time, the singer is back, with the incredibly talented drummer and producer Yussef Dayes on the track alongside him. 

The fresh new track from Tom and Yussef premiered this evening on radio 1, on Annie Mac’s ‘Radio 1’s Future Sounds’ show; the perfect show to give this new song its first airplay, with Annie being the queen of new music and new talent. Ahead of the song’s release, the pair headed into the studio to chat with Annie about the track and their exciting announcement. 

Before playing their new song, What Kinda Music; the pair’s big announcement was revealed, which was also definitely worth the wait. Not only are we getting this collaborative track from the duo, but the pair have actually been working on an entire project together; and we will in fact be getting a full 12 track collaborative album from Tom and Yussef, also titled What Kinda Music, which is set to drop April 24th. 

With the excitement of a whole album to come, this makes their What Kinda Music single release (with an added music video) that much more exciting, as it gives us a first listen as to what the pairs collaborative style will be like, and the vibe of the album. Talking to Annie, the pair spoke about how they never actually intended to make an entire album, only planning to make a beat tape; and that this was one of the first tracks they made which ended up starting the whole album. For those Tom Misch fans, this track is definitely a very different sound to what we’re used to hearing from him; with Tom saying how he thinks his fans will be quite shocked by the vibe. And both Tom and Yussef spoke about how the entire album is a move away from their respective sounds, and is a big change for both of them, but they’re meeting in the middle. 

We planned to make a little beat tape and it ended up turning out to be a massive album […], we kept on creating stuff.

Tom Misch on Radio 1, talking to Annie Mac about the album.

The song itself is hard to define, with it not conforming to one specific genre. And the overall tone of the track is quite subdued and moody, with Yussef wanting to push Tom to do some darker and moodier stuff. It starts off with a very etherial intro which sounds quite spacy and hypnotic. The drum beat very quickly kicks in, and we get this etherial, yet bassy, instrumental sound running throughout the track, creating an incredibly atmospheric vibe. This almost celestial energy, which feels very filmy and cinematic, is also enhanced by the addition of dramatic strings (especially notable in the outro), and the reverb on Tom’s vocals. Despite being a generic change for both artists; the song is unique, entrancing, and sets up an incredibly exciting musical direction for their upcoming album.

So definitely give What Kinda Music a listen, and head over to Tom (@tommisch) and Yussef’s (@yussefdayes) socials to keep up to date with the next releases off the album, and go and preorder What Kinda Music the album in time for April 24th. 

Posted By Stevie Carter

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