almost monday: come on come on

Today it is all about San Diego based alt-pop trio, almost monday; and their latest single come on come onwhich they released last month. Since forming in 2015; the band got their start playing self-booked shows in their hometown, and have been going from strength to strength ever since. Fast forward a few years to 2019, and, following the band signing to Hollywood Records early that year; the trio were ready to introduce the world to their unique brand of alt-pop music. And their irresistibly fun, effortlessly charming and light-hearted, feel-good vibe is definitely worth a listen. In October last year, the band released their debut single Broken PeopleAddictive, catchy and upbeat; this was a perfect track to introduce the world to their sound. This was swiftly followed up by their next release, parking lot view earlier this year. 

However, following on from this is their latest single, come on come on. The breezy, carefree track is all about getting away from the busyness of life; and learning to take some time to enjoy yourself, and break out of the monotony of everyday routine. Ideal for the summer, the track is upbeat, happy and radiates positivity; something we definitely all need in our lives right now! With a stunning blend of surf-rock beats, synth vibes and up-tempo pop, come on come on is the perfect mood-lifter and musical pick-me-up. 

a few boys that sit in the studio until something makes ‘em dance or cry

Almost Monday on the band

To accompany the single release, the band also released some stunning visuals to go along with the track. The simple sun-kissed visuals see the band driving around and having fun. With incredible views, and beautifully captured shots; they move through the desert and the open road to green pastures and waterfalls. The perfect summer visuals for a perfect summer song. 

Posted By Stevie Carter

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