Another new music release this Friday; and today’s new release comes from eclectic pop/electronica/R&B sounding artist, Noir, and his brand new EP release – Up at 5Kicking off his musical journey this year, Noir has introduced us to his unique sound and impressive vocal range, with the release of his debut single Down For It in April; swiftly followed up by his next single Comfortable, released last month. With sensual visuals and candid lyrics, Noir’s sound is eclectic, futuristic and exciting. And maintaining the momentum, Noir is back with his first extended project, and debut EP, this month. Featuring three new songs; keep on reading as we delve into the brand new EP, and have a track-by-track look at Up at 5. 

The five track EP kicks things off with a familiar sound on track number one, 5 AM; the perfect song to start off the EP. With Noir’s recognizable electronic-pop vibe, and continuing themes of love, lust and relationships that run throughout the record; 5 AM gives us a mellow, low-tempo track, with an addictive synth baseline running throughout. We then move on to Noir’s previous releases, comfortable and Down For It on tracks two and three; switching to some more up-tempo dance beats on Comfortable, and changing things up again for some more sensual synth-dance vibes on Down For It. 

On track four, we get another new release, Over Here. The track starts off with a stunning instrumental, and dives straight into a much more gentle and soulful melody. A different vibe than we’ve heard before from Noir; the track is much more romantic and peaceful, with the air of a modern synth love ballad. The EP brings a similar energy to the final track, Side To Side, while adding in a slightly more ethereal and synth-R&B vibe. As the final notes fade out, the record ends on a mellow instrumental; with the addictive drumbeat that runs throughout drawing your attention as the track comes to a gentle end.

A fantastic EP with a really unique and modern sound, Up at 5 is the perfect record for those wanting something familiar with a twist; as Noir puts his own spin, and blend, on the R&B, electronic and pop genres. So make sure to give the EP a listen, and keep up to date with Noir on all his socials for the latest on his musical journey and newest releases. 

Posted By Stevie Carter

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