This Friday, it is all about another new music release; and today that is the brand new single from KOPPSU.G.L.Y, released earlier this month. KOPPS are a New York bred band from Rochester, with an eclectic sound that’s a unique blend of electro, pop, indie and nu metal; and can be described as a fusion of Britney Spears and KoЯn. Led by singer/percussionist Patricia Patrón, the band also includes bassist Kyle O’Hara, guitarist Travis Johansen and drummer Andrew York. Exciting, creative and unusual, with a flair for the dramatic; the band certainly keep you on your toes, with their ever evolving sound and unpredictable visuals. Following the release of their latest single; we dove in for a closer look at the song, and the inspiration and creative process behind it. So here, with insight from lead singer Patricia, is a closer “behind track” look at KOPPS’ newest single, U.G.L.Y. 

In a world where we are completely obsessed with the aesthetically pleasing, “U.G.L.Y.” headbutts the notion that you need to be perfect just to have a good time. On the contrary, U.G.L.Y. is a song that pokes fun at manufactured beauty and celebrates personal “imperfections” as a real part of having fun while being your truest self.

The track kicks off with an addictive electro-pop beat, and introduces the catchy bassline that runs throughout. Talking about the addictive house/ dance style beat that makes up a prominent feature of the track, and the inspiration for the instrumentation on the single; Patricia spoke about how they have been digging their heels into this style a lot more lately, and how they have been enjoying bringing some of the more disco and funk-inspired beats into pop. “Our entire career has been based on genre-bending and I think this is just another phase we are playing with sonically at the moment. We have some music that is really really new and slated for 2021 (not our upcoming EP) that shakes hands with some of those elements as well while still injecting some grittiness to retain the ‘KOPPS’ effect.”

Ugly” itself was a word I had been perseverating on for a while before the session, and I knew I wanted to eventually do something with that. I and my bandmate, along with AWWW, who produced the track were in the first session by ourselves and really we left with more of a solid concept, knowing we wanted there to be a cheerleader-esq chant in the tune.

Patricia talking about the inspiration behind U.G.L.Y

Delving a bit further into the overall creative process for the track, and the production behind the song; Patricia gave us a glimpse into how the band work, and the process of how the final track came together. “AWWW and a couple of us worked on adding some “ear candy” elements, and myself and Kyle O worked on refining lyrics. We all eventually edited the tune and then I laid my vocals down. During that there was a lot of laughing on the other side of the booth…especially while during takes of the “lemons on my no-no” line…lol.”

“I think we are always evolving and shifting sonically but at our core, everything we do is “KOPPS.” Sometimes that’s hard to describe but it usually involves something that’s a bit left of centre and content-wise a bit tongue-in-cheek. I think even if we get darker or even more pop sonically, those elements will remain intact. Playing with themes that are opposing or dissonant is a favourite of mine, lyrically speaking.”

Patricia talking about the band’s style and musical direction

And of course, we had to hear from the band themselves what the best way to listen to the track is; which Patricia described as “LOOPING IT ON SPOTIFY 24/7 EVEN WHILE YOU’RE ASLEEP PLEASE AND THANK U!<3” which sounds like a pretty good shout!

Make sure to check out the rest of KOPPS’ discography here; and to keep up to date with them on social media, find them on their socials @koppsmusic

Posted By Stevie Carter

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