Today, alternative music duo, The Driver Era, are back with brand new music as they release their latest single, PlacesThe fourth of a string of singles the band has released this year, Places follows on from their previous single, Take Me Away, released last month. Made up of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch; the band have been busy making music during quarantine, and releasing some incredible tracks. With some fantastic releases this year, Places, is definitely no exception! So for a more in-depth look at the band’s latest track, keep on reading down below!

When we were all alone

Now the weathers cold

And I keep going places going places”

Following on from their latest single, Take Me AwayPlaces retains that classic sound and vibe we love from The Driver Era, of chilled out indie rock mixed with more up-tempo and grittier synth beats. Written and produced by Rocky Lynch, the idea for the song developed in the car while he was en route to see his girlfriend. The track kicks off with a soft, synth inspired drum beat, which continues throughout the track. With really mellow and easy-listening synth-rock sounds, the song embodies that relaxed Californian vibe; fading out to a stunning John Mayer-esque guitar instrumental. 

It’s weird because I typically write songs about past relationships and experiences. But this time, it was about a current relationship.. it was a really weird feeling.

Rocky Lynch on the inspiration behind Places

A definite must listen for those fans of lovelytheband, Declan McKenna and John Mayer; make sure to check out Places, and the rest of The Driver Era’s discography over on Spotify! And for more on the band, and their latest releases and tour announcements, find them on social media @thedriverera, linked down below!

Posted By Stevie Carter

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