Karolina Rose: Sophmore ep, “Rosemary”

Today, it is all about alt-pop artist Karolina Rose, who just released her sophomore EP, Rosemarylast week. Talking about the Rosemary project, Karolina explained: “Rosemary is my middle name. It’s my second project with the world getting to know me a little more as an artist. The EP cover is a collage of all the artwork from the single art. Each song has its own color that fits the vibe”. With a fabulous blend of moody pop guitars, gliding synth chords and addictive melodies; the four track EP is expressive, empowering and honest. To celebrate this brand new record; we spoke to Karolina Rose following the EP’s release, to discuss the record, her creative process and all things music. For the full interview with Karolina, keep on reading below!

BM: For those who aren’t as familiar with you and your music, how would you best describe yourself and your music in three words?

KR: I am spiritual, kind and wild 😜

My music is lush, haunting and vulnerable.

BM: What’s the first track (or the most important/significant track) people should listen to from your entire discography?

KR: Runaway Angels

This song was written during the thick of the #metoo movement as a chant or prayer in the name of supporting all womxn, the Angels, who have experienced some non-consensual sexual touch or harassment.

BM: You’re just about to release your second EP, Rosemary; congratulations! What was your main goal, and what were you wanting to achieve – musically and as an artist – with this record?

KR: Thank you!

I just wanted to make something as real to me as possible. I would like for the music to find its audience. I would like to make more music. My life is utterly simple in terms of goals. I just want to grow as an artist and as a person.

BM: Who, or what, have been your main inspirations for Rosemary?

KR: Some things that inspired the individual songs-
An idealistic mindset
Thoughts of a utopian planet
Childhood love for Shakira
A music exec that told some obvious white lies but tried to cover them up anyway
The #metoo movement
Finding love again

BM: How does Rosemary compare and differ from your previous EP, Invicta?

KR: This one has a lot more symbolism and metaphors- the visuals were much clearer to me as I was writing.  This is why I made Rosemary into a visual EP, which you can find here: smarturl.it/rosemaryvisualalbum

BM: When releasing a new record or single, how do you navigate that decision making process of deciding things like what tracks make it to the final project, or which song you want to release as a single?

KR: I just feel intuitively when there’s something I’m proud of musically and I have something that I want to share with others to build connection with them.

BM: Writing some really beautiful and emotive tracks such as Runaway Angels, that are incredibly raw, deep and vulnerable; what’s your writing process like when it comes to deciding what to keep in, and what stories to tell and put out into the world? Are there any topics that are off limits, or is it more “everything goes”?

KR: Thank you so much for that. It’s so hard because it can feel a bit cheap sometimes to fit some life-changing moments into a little song or a couple of lyrics. I don’t exercise too much discernment when it comes to choosing song topics. I also don’t have much shame. I’m all in and happy to dedicate my life to writing whatever comes out of this life experience. I pursue any song topic that resonates with me. It is most usually something that I’ve felt or something that happened to me IRL that I am reflecting on.

BM: So far, you haven’t had any features or collabs on your tracks. Is this something we can expect later down the line; and are there any artists you would love to collab with?

KR: Definitely. My next release in the Fall will be a collab with my dear friend Blak Emoji. I am in the midst of completing some others as well. I also hope to work with some DJs and dance producers and maybe make some remixes to my tracks.

BM: 2020 has been an absolutely crazy and unimaginable year! How did lockdown and everything that’s happened influence you creatively, and your creative process?

KR: Yes, it has and it continues..

I don’t think I’m fully going to know the answer to that question until I finish all the songs I’ve been working on during lockdown and that might be awhile because there were already things I was working on pre-lockdown, so now everything is mixed in there.

None of us know what’s going to happen next in our world. All the online memes are making jokes about how numb we are to all these dramatic things happening one by one (tornados, fires, etc). I think if anything the pandemic situation has forcefully pushed what’s most important to the forefront. Another day is not guaranteed. The present moment is all we have. We can work towards long-term goals, but I only want to do that if I am already enjoying the journey now. In a lot of ways what I truly desire is to simplify my creative life & process and get rid of time wasters. The most valuable assets are our time and free will.

BM: Where do you see yourself heading next, musically and artistically?

KR: I see myself being totally open to genres, sounds, styles and collaborations and not worrying about how it fits with what I’ve done so far. I plan to just keep making stuff.

An absolute pleasure to talk to Karolina Rose, make sure to check out her newest EP, Rosemary on your favourite platforms here. And to Keep up with the singer, and all her latest and upcoming releases; find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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