With powerfully intimate song writing, stunning vocals and stripped back instrumentals; Tom King is the brand new singer, songwriter and producer from Surrey, who is on the rise this year. Perfect for those fans of artists such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith; Tom’s soulful and addictive pop melodies, along with his gentle vocals, make the perfect addition to any playlist. Earlier this month, following a string of incredible singles, Tom released a brand new track; a cover of a classic song by PrinceI Could Never Take The Place of Your Man

Kicking things off last year; Tom introduced us to his unique sound and energy with his debut single, Why Are You Here?.  A stripped back track with stunning instrumentals, Tom self-released the single on Spotify as an experiment, and it has already shot to nearly 250,000 streams with no label involvement and no promotion. The perfect song to introduce us to Tom’s sound; the gentle and more acoustic based composition really allows Tom’s voice to be centre stage on the track, and highlight his impressive vocals. Earlier this year, he then followed up his debut single with the twinkly and romantic No Mans Land. Giving off a minimalist style, similar to Why Are You Here?; the track draws the listener in with the focus placed on King’s vulnerable vocals and soothing tone. 

Late last month, Tom released his most recent original single Be That For MeAn intoxicatingly swimming tale of heartbreak, projecting real emotion and raw vulnerability; when speaking about the single, Tom elaborated how “I wrote ‘Be That for Me’ on my own in the Music School at Frensham when I was boarding. I remember just being so upset by that feeling of being in love with someone and them not feeling the same way back”. Marking a change from his previous two releases, Be That For Me has a more exuberant and powerful energy in the melody; although still retains Tom’s signature sound. And most recently, Tom released a brand new single; his incredible cover of Prince’s – I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man  to add to his distinctive and growing discography. An incredible cover, with a Tom King spin on a classic track; despite not being an original single, the cover fits seamlessly into Tom’s wider discography. 

With exciting things ahead for Tom King, make sure to follow his journey, and keep an eye out for more new releases and incredible music from the singer. And you can find him on all his socials; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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