Over the past few years, Lebanese-Canadian Alt-Pop singer, Mougleta, has been taking the world by a storm; and her latest track, Lonely Girl, is no exception. Swiftly following up the release of her 2020 project Rocket Ridewhich saw her collaborate with DJ Keanu Silver and Korean group – OH MY GIRL; with the recent release of Lonely Girl, she now has another incredible single to add to ger ever growing discography.

With an effortless infusion of Arabic influences and Western pop sounds, Mougleta blends together an enchanting mix of subtly vocoded rap vocals, alongside sombre guitar sounds and captivating trap-beats on Lonely Girl. This passionately penned track unpacks how society currently distorts the line between reality and fiction, the real and the fake, especially in this age of social media; and can best be described as ‘being about the difference between seeing and living’. Through the dynamic beats and prominent guitar riffs, Mougleta draws inspiration from daily experiences; successfully igniting her ability to add another hit to her collection of carefully produced masterpieces.

 “They say just because you’re thirsty you shouldn’t drink poison. ‘Lonely Girl’ is a song about the world we live in today where the lines of reality and fiction are blurred. We share a life of happiness and glamour with the world that we’re not actually living or feeling. This leaves many of us empty inside. ‘Lonely Girl’ is about the difference between seeing and living.”

Mougleta on Lonely Girl

In addition to the single, in the wake of the song’s release; Mougleta dropped not one, but two brand new visuals to add to the release. As expected; the first video was the accompanying official music video for the track. In ever familiar 2020 fashion, the video is simple but effective; with the visuals focused on a solitary Mougleta roaming around far reaching open fields as she performs the song. And following this, she also released some laid-back, home-spun, visuals for an acoustic version of the single.

A really incredible track, Mougleta is certainly headed for more great things to come! To keep up to date with all things Mougleta, find her on her socials for all the latest news and releases – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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